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"North Canal Cafe" - A stylish cafe at the northern edge of Otaru canal.

When speaking of Otaru canal, most people will bring up the great view from Asakusa Bridge. But in order to get to this spot, visitors must make their way towards the northern edge of the canal. One gem most sightseers miss in this area, is the wonderful cafe operating in an old stone warehouse, "Press Cafe."





Although the red sign is located on the front of the building, I recommend heading around back to enter from the parking lot.

The walk around back to the sign pictured below is only about 10 meters, but it gives you a chance to get a excited about the cafe experience to come! The back entrance also has a strange feeling to it, so making the walk is a must!





The shop interior is quite spacious, with a lot of room between seats, big iron windows, and high ceilings.





On display in the store is a classic European car.





Dining options include an original recipe North Indian-style curry as well as pasta. All sweets are homemade and available for takeout!





There are other attractions nearby, including a canal park and historic boats and buildings, making this the perfect place to do some unique sightseeing. Why not stop by the cafe, pick up some sweets, and enjoy them on a bench in the park while admiring the flower arrangements?







(3-21 3-Chome, Ironai, Otaru)

http://www.presscafe.biz/index.html (Japanese)



(Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer - Iwasaki)


  • "North Canal Cafe" - A stylish cafe at the northern edge of Otaru canal.