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Release | Takako Chiba

"Numata Town's - Firefly Country" - Dancing lights illuminating summer nights in Hokkaido.


Clear, refreshing open air is one of the best features of Hokkaido summer nights. Here in the northern part of Japan, the light of fireflies adds an enchanting atmosphere you can't find anywhere else.





Numata town is located almost directly in the center of Hokkaido and is surrounded by beautiful countryside scenery. Located in this peaceful area is "Firefly Country" where the little bugs light up summer nights for all to enjoy.


Surprisingly I've been asked many times if Hokkaido even has fireflies! We sure do, and they're beautiful! Take a look!





Firefly Country is a large area covering about 8ha and rich in natural beauty. It includes many features such as a man-made waterfall and the "Firefly Ornamental Dome" which visitors can enjoy as they walk the grounds.


If you've been longing to get away from the bustling city streets and spend time walking through nature, than there's no better place! The fireflies will light your way as you soak in the beauty of the night's sounds and smells.






There is a special "firefly protection ordinance" in Numata Town, showing their commitment to protecting these wonderful critters. So if, while you're walking, a firefly happens to land on your shoulder or head, please gently place it back onto the ground or a nearby leaf!





The best time to see fireflies in this area is from early August to early July. The town takes advantage of this period by holding a special "Firefly Festival" every year around that time.

This year the festival will run from July 13th through August 4th, and is open for visitors on weekends and holidays.

After enjoying a night with the fireflies you can also spend some quality relaxation time at the nearby "Horoshin Hot Spring - Hotaru-kan."


If you're looking for a place to relax and get back to nature this summer, there's no better place than "Firefly Country," so be sure to visit!



■沼田町観光協会(役場商工観光課)(Numata Town Tourism Association)

http://www.town.numata.hokkaido.jp/ (Japanese)

TEL: 0164-35-2112


■ほろしん温泉ほたる館 (Hotaru-kan, Horoshin Hot Spring)

http://www.horosin-onsen.com/ (Japanese)

TEL: 0164-35-1188


●When: Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays from July 13th to August 4th.

●Where: "Hotaru no Sato" Numata-cho.

※For more information please visit the website.



(Hokkaido Likers Writer - Takako Chiba)


Photographs provided by 沼田町観光協会.

  • "Numata Town's - Firefly Country" - Dancing lights illuminating summer nights in Hokkaido.

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Takako Chiba