"Hokkaido Barley Cultivation" - Part 2


Dreams of cultivating barley right here in Hokkaido.


If you're wondering what exactly the device being used above does, let me explain. The front wheel opens a hole in the earth, the middle area deposits one seed into the hole, and the back end covers the seed with soil and smooths it out. The name of this device is the "Self-propelled Tenparu."

Otsuka Farm is attempting to grow barely commonly found in Honshu right here in Hokkaido! The first step is to plant the seeds, which is exactly what farmers began to do in late May. From here on out we'll be seeing whether or not the seeds grow, so stay tuned!



【有限会社 大塚農場】 (Otsuka Farm Co.)


(3122 Higashiura, Tobetsu-cho, Ishikari-gun)

Managing Director Toshiaki Otsuka




(Hokkaido Likers Photo Writers - Fukko and Nobu Kawashima)