"Buttered Rice" - Hokkaido Home Cooking entry number four!

One of the best snacks you can enjoy in Hokkaido when your stomach starts growling is made with delicious local grown butter.





In Hokkaido it is common to find people enjoying rice with no other topping than plain butter. All you need is butter, rice, and soy sauce.





To make it just create a hole in the rice for the butter. My personal motto is the more the better, so I use a large amount!





The hot rice will melt the butter, but it's best to use a lid to speed the process.

Once the butter has melted, mix it into the rice. It should already smell delicious!







Stop yourself from digging in just yet, there's once more thing to add: soy sauce. Most any amount will taste delicious, but just be careful not to use too much! Too much salty flavor makes the taste of butter disappear.




After adding the soy sauce, mix it all together and you're ready to eat!







With just these three ingredients you're sure to be completely filled up!





Give it a shot at home and see how it tastes!



(Hokkaido Likes Writer - Takako Chiba)


Photographs provided by Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer - Itsuki.