"Kazuhiro Yoshii from WILLPLANT" - Using technology in ways you've never seen before.

Recently Hokkaido Likers' own Itsuki called up the editorial department.

"There's an awesome company in Sapporo with some pretty amazing stuff you just gotta see! Get down here!"

What he was referring to was "Sarouhoumura" located in Sapporo city's eastern ward. I dropped everything I was doing and headed over.





Itsuki had called me to a gallery cafe which was popular among artists both inside and outside of Hokkaido.

It was here that, from April 10th through the 18th, the WILLPLANT exhibition ~The World~ was held.

I spoke with representative Yoshii Chihiro about the exhibition.





-What is it that this company mainly does?

"We're a company that handles weddings and corporate VP events."

-Would you please tell me some of the highlights of this exhibit?

"Using a household sized projector we created a system that can do projection mapping. You have to take a look!"






[Sapporo] Projection Mapping WILLPLANT Exhibition digest.



-It looks so three dimensional!

"Right! We designed it so that no matter which way you look at it there isn't any distortion."

-What are the different object sizes can you use for these projections?

"Well it depends on the situation but we can go as small as shoes or a teapot. If you want to go big we can project onto objects as large as cars."

-That's incredible!

"Unlike the large scale, building-sized projection mapping projects, we use a lot of computational work to be sure that there is no distortion. It will always be quite realistic."

-I see. That's why you can do such small projections.

"Yep, it's the perfect device for restaurants or events that have a small display room!"


He also told me about some other displays the event had.


"This is work done by your own Itsuki. We had him draw some illustrations of our company's history!"






-This is so cute! The hand-made feel is quite special, all of the displays are amazing!

"We love to promote Hokkaido creators here! But we're not just about content creation, we also have a lot of technically literate individuals who have created devices which use the Kinect or LEDs. Their techniques have really helped the creators evolve their ideas."






For those interested in planning a wedding the company also provides a movie making service as well. For those businesses out there who want to add an interesting attraction to their store, by all means check out the company's information below!



Contact Information:



(2-5 Kita 11-Jyo Higashi 12-Chome, Higashi-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido)

TEL: 011-557-9320 

Fax: 011-577-5501

http://willplant.tv/ (Japanese)

(Hokkaido Likers Editorial Staff - Eri and Photo Writer - Itsuki)