"Beneath Lake Nukabirako"

This otherworldly sight of tree stumps stretching off in the distance always gives me a strange feeling. The view can be found at the bottom of Nukabirako Lake in Kamishihoro Town.

The sight isn't around for long, however, as the waters will soon rise and cover everything here. Each year from April to May, after the snows melt but before the lake fills with water, you can visit the area to get the full experience.

For those in Tokyo, or those who will visit soon, be sure to catch the related photography exhibit by our camera man, Mr. Ryoji Iwasaki! It is being held until May 30th, so please stop by!



Ryoji Iwasaki on facebook: http://eng.mg/d57cd

Photography Exhibition "Taushubetsu Shui" - http://eng.mg/206a8

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