"Taushubetsu Shui"



Hokkaido's May weather has been quite strange, but it seems we've finally found our early summer temperatures.

Recently on the TBS night show『ランク王国』 (Ranking King) the Taushubetsu Bridge, which stretches across Nukabira-ko Lake in Kamishihoro, placed tenth in the "Top 10 Bridges in Hokkaido" list! Just in time, it seems, because now is the best time to view the sight! The surrounding area snows are quickly melting, which means that each day the basin fills with more and more water. In about a month, if this year stays on schedule, the bridge will be submersed in the lake's waters.

For those in Tokyo, or those who will visit soon, be sure to catch the related photography exhibit by our camera man, Mr. Ryoji Iwasaki! It is being held until May 30th, so please stop by!



Ryoji Iwasaki on facebook: http://eng.mg/d57cd

Photography Exhibition "Taushubetsu Shui" - http://eng.mg/206a8

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