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In the heart of Sapporo, the walls of one special gallery are currently lined with some incredible works of hair design and art.  This is Hokkaido Hair Design 100’s fifth annual exhibition and the largest yet with 115 participating stylists. 



The works, all possessing a great deal of individuality, are divided among two areas within the gallery.  The hair designs and coloring are, of course, incredible but the costumes, makeup, settings, and themes are what really show the designers’ inspiration.



From Hokkaido, these designs usher in a wave of fresh and creative style inspiration, and, with special guest artists from around the world, this event aims to introduce the participating works on an international level.



Although the exhibition is not a competition, there are a few awards presented at the closing party.  The artists are all kept in suspense until the end of the exhibition when the judges, active in the art and fashion industries, announce the awards.



I’ve chosen just a small sample of participating designs to show you.  These were some of the works that really stood out (in my writer’s humble opinion). 


・Takayuki Mori (SPYSHairDesign)  Title: “SPYS Version”


・Shota Kaneda (HairmakeU-Yu)  Title: “Apple”


・Erico (SALON77)  Title: “Manish”


・Tanamura Taishi (Lien Hair Atelier)  Title: “Out of Place”

Personally, I’d like to try the style shown in “Apple.”  There’s so much to take in from this exhibit with 115 entries as well as the international guest exhibition.  Such an impressive collection is well worth the visit.




“Anyone can feel the passion of each designer through these pieces. I also think this event provides a forum of exchange for the artists to learn from one another,” said Chairman of the Executive Committee, Maaya Furuya.


As the event has continued each year, the artists have developed and have come to really take advantage of the event as an opportunity to showcase their work.  In the future, the event will continue to propel designers from Hokkaido to an international stage.  It’s thanks to the stylists and artists participating in such events that the hair design and art scene is and will continue to develop so strongly.


Don’t miss your chance to see such incredible designs from the heart of Hokkaido.


Apr. 29, 2013  Opening Event

May 7-28, 2013  Exhibition ( CA102, 13:00-23:00 )

May 28, 2013  Closing Party ( Sapporo Plaza 2-5, 17:00-21:00 )


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Research, Photography, and Composition by Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer – Yixtape