"Genghis Khan from Garden Grill" - A must eat for anyone visiting Sapporo!


Hello Hokkaido Likers, and welcome to the month of May! Here in Hokkaido the month of May is marked by the blooming of many different flowers. From tulips and dandelions, to the herald of spring here in Japan, the cherry tree.

In Sapporo the spring season is quite pleasant, so there's no better time to visit!


One thing that you have to try when you visit is a unique dish of "Genghis Khan" with a beer! There's no better place to enjoy this combination than the "Sapporo Garden Grill!"






The "Sapporo Garden Grill" is located in the "Sapporo Garden Park" complex which includes other attractions such as the Sapporo Beer Garden, the Sapporo Beer Museum, and the Sapporo Fighter's practice field! The restaurant is located opposite the museum.


Surprisingly there are many Sapporo locals who haven't visited the Garden Grill before. The restaurant uses ingredients from across Hokkaido to their fullest, and I recommend any dish which is grilled! Since we've just entered spring, keep an eye out for asparagus, onions, and potatoes, which will soon be fresh and in season!

Of course, you also have to try the Genghis Khan! Genghis Khan is a Japanese grilled dish usually made with mutton, and the meat used at Sapporo Garden Grill is outstanding.

The meat used here is from grain-fed lamb.

This meat has a mild taste, but without imperfection. It is soft and easy to eat, perfect for diners of any age!





Shoulder, thigh, chuck, and the rare and incredibly tender short loin. You can try any of these delicious cuts here at the Garden Grill. The restaurants original "tare" sauce enhances the flavors as you dine.








Also, currently available at the Garden Grill, the delicious Sapporo Draft Beer "Black Label - The Hokkaido!"

The combination of rich Genghis Khan and Sapporo Black Label beer might be one of the most delicious meals you can enjoy in Hokkaido this summer, so be sure to stop by!





For those who have never been, be sure to visit the "Sapporo Beer Garden" complex and explore the different attractions! The mutton and the excellent beer are absolutely delicious, so even those who have been before should return to the "Garden Grill" for a bite to eat!





■サッポロビール園ガーデングリル (Sapporo Beer Garden - Garden Grill)



Location: 札幌市東区北7条東9丁目2-10

(2-10 Kita 7-Jyo Higashi 9-Chome, Higashi-ku, Sapporo)

TEL: 0120-150-550 (Sapporo Beer Garden Reservation Center)

●Hours: 11:30-10:00(Last Order at 9:30)

●Open seven days a week, except December 31st.



(Hokkaido Likers Writer - Takako Chiba)


Photographs provided by our sponsors and Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer - Itsuki.