"Abashiri Season Festival" - Come visit Abashiri to enjoy the delicious taste of fresh crab!


Here in Hokkaido, the Okhotsk area town of Abashiri is well known for its delicious crab and they are currently in the middle of the year's peak crab season. The drift ice has just begun to recede, meaning that "Drift Ice Crab" are now able to be brought into market.





The secret of the Drift Ice Crab's flavor comes from the long winter months it spends beneath the cold waters. It dines on high quality plankton to stay healthy, giving the meat a rich flavor.

Abashiri Town began holding a special "Spring Season Festival" to spread word of the delicious crab available around this time of year.

More than 30 restaurants in and around Abashiri are involved, serving up special "Abashiri Crab" dishes for a limited time only!

This delicious crab is prepared by top chefs in the area and the meals they prepare are fantastic.

Allow me to give you a little taste of what they have to offer...











With such an abundant variety of dishes, no matter where you go you're sure to get a great meal!


For customers that are planning on trying a wide selection of food, there is a special "Abashiri Crab Stamp Rally" you can enter. If you visit three shops, and collect a stamp at each, you will receive a wonderful prize of Abashiri beef or crab. Nothing beats getting some free crab as a prize for eating some delicious crab!


Also for those that upload an image of Abashiri Crab to the facebook page, you may receive a delicious "Drift Ice Patara Salt Caramel!"

Be sure to stop by Abashiri during the festival and enjoy some of these specialty dishes! Further details are available below.



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【Spring Season Festival - Come to Abashiri to eat some delicious crab!!】

Event ends on Thursday, June 20th.


※All information from an interview held in late April.

※Photographs courtesy of Abashiri City.





(Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer - Fukko)