“Sapporo Draft Beer Black Label – The Hokkaido” – Second Entry - The Perfect Pour!


Today, I’ll show you the proper way to drink a Hokkaido specialty, Sapporo Draft Beer Black Label - The Hokkaido.    Just remember these instructions and you can enjoy a perfectly-poured beer in the comfort of your own home. 



At the Sapporo Beer Museum, staff member Takeuchi san showed me how to properly pour a beer.   All you need is a clean glass and beer.



Plenty of people chill their glasses in the freezer, but there’s two problems with that.  When the glass freezes, ice forms, making for a watered down beer.  Another problem is that if your beer is TOO cold, you can’t probably taste it.  That’s why it’s best to chill your glass in the refrigerator, rather than the freezer. 



When you pour the beer, it’s best to do it in three segments.



First, fill the glass half way by pouring into a straight glass, letting the beer pour quickly.  Canned and bottled beers are heavily carbonated, so by pouring this way you can moderate those bubbles a bit.




Then, after the head has settled a bit, you’re ready for the second pour.




Now fill the glass to about 90%.




Finally, the third and last pour.  To leave the perfect amount of foam on top, pour the rest very slowly. 



The perfect ratio of bubbles to beer is three to seven.  If your glass is too narrow, the beer will become frothy but if the glass is too wide, you won’t have any bubbles at all.  The best glass is round, and about twice as tall as it is wide.




The seven to three ratio makes for not just a delicious beer, but a beautiful one too!  Pouring a beer this way allows you to drink a delicious beer in the best possible way.  Be sure to try it for yourself!


By the way, you can try and compare the variety of beers Sapporo offers, including Sapporo Classic and their Classic Black labels at the museum.  It’s the best way to finish up your visit.



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( Hokkaido Likers Writer – Chiba Takako )



( Photography by Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer – Itsuki )