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Makubetsu library - "Bookcase of the North"

Looking through the bookshelves of your friends and acquaintances, it is possible to get a sense of what those people think about and are interested in. How about those of local celebrities or business people?


Well Obihiro's Makubetsu library lets you do just that. One corner is dedicated to the books owned by playwrights, novelists, business people and other minor and major celebrities.




The library began when Mr Susumu Watada, the editor in chief of the weekly "現代ニッポンにおける人生相談 (Life Counseling in Modern Japan)" began looking for more space to store his volumes (and other books). The library was then born in 1997.


Currently the library holds more than 29,000 books including works that names such as Seiichi Morimura and Yoshiharu Fukuhara and 18 others have on their shelves. Many people are interested in the kinds of books that such people are interested in.




[ Mr. Yoshiharu Fukuhara - Business man ]
Born in 1931. Honorary chairman of SHISEIDO. He also serves in other public office roles including Culture Promotion Organization chairman, and Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography curator. Books in his collection include "文化資本の経営 (Management of Cultural Capital)","多元価値経営の時代 (Era of Pluralism Value Management)", "ぼくの複線人生 (My Double Life)", "だから人は本を読む (That's Why People Read Books)" & "101の蘭 (101 Orchids)".
[**EDITORS NOTE - Translated book titles serve as a guide only and are not official titles]

He is an avid reader and also has books on photography, plants, the environment and various other fields.




[ Seiichi Morimura - Novelist ]
Born in 1933. A novelist dealing widely with mysteries and non-fiction. The novel "人間の証明(Proof of the Man / Character)" won the Mystery Writer Guild Awards, Kadokawa Japan award. Other books include "腐蝕の構造 (Structure of Corrosion)" & "高層の死角 (Blind spot High-rise)".

[**EDITORS NOTE - Translated book titles serve as a guide only and are not official titles]

His bookshelf includes novels, essays and business books which are all on display.



[ Akira Sato - Photographer ]
1930-2002. Worked as a pioneer clothing photographer. He formed NARAHARA in 1930, Hosoe, and Kawada Kikuji from the group "VIVO". His collection includes"女 (Woman)",  "北欧散歩 (Nordic Walking)",  "バロック・アナトミア (Baroque Anatomia)", "おんな・そして・白夜 (White Nights and Women)", "フィレンツェ(Florence)" & "プラハ(Prague)". [**EDITORS NOTE - Translated book titles serve as a guide only and are not official titles]

He was awarded with Photos Critics Association Author Award in 1966, the Photographic Society of Japan Annual Award, in 1998 and in 1990 a Vienna mayor special commendation.



"One of the of the charms of Makubetsu library", says Sonomi Tamiyasu, the librarian, "is that unlike a lot of libraries we have many unusual volumes which have been selected by people who are respected in their own field."  


"This library is not a safe usual library. We have volumes that challenge peoples intellect and thinking. We want to shatter the image of a library as only have 'safe' and 'acceptable' volumes. We want visitors to be excited being here."


You will also see books highlighted by these interesting bookshelf highlighters. These unique corner and center pieces help to draw attention to some of the popular and interesting volumes.





Volumes are also separated by theme using the highlighters. This gives a unique style to the library and is virtually y revolutionary in Japan!  



Makubetsu library has tried and used many other initiatives to create an attractive atmosphere for users. This atmosphere gives the library and visitors a chance to think outside the box in relation to the library itself and the volumes people may want to read.


This unique Tokachi area library is waiting for you to visit!! Please stop by if you are interested.




Web site http://www.makubetsu.jp/kitahon/

Location: 幕別町新町122−7

Makubetsu Shin-machi 122-7
TEL : 0155-54 -4488

( Hokkaido Likers writer Shizuko Kosuna)

(Photo courtesy of Makubetsu Library)

  • Makubetsu library - "Bookcase of the North"