"Sapporo's new tram!" - Sapporo will soon have its new street car up and running!

Starting on May fifth, the new "A1200-Kei Low-Floor Street Car" will begin service in Sapporo!





This streetcar is designed to work in harmony with the atmosphere of the city, a transparent design gives it the feeling of open space, and it is made in part with wood from Hokkaido!





The new tram has increased capacity by 20% and is now able to hold 71 people. The body of the tram is 17 meters long, or about 3 car lengths. The frame sits about 50 centimeters lower than traditional streetcars and there are no barriers in the doorframe, making it easier for passengers to get on and off.





Comfortable seating and a large windows provide a great view of the city.





Here's what it looks like from inside.



The driver's seat.





The controls are still the traditional two handle design.





I recommend the first row of seats, as they provide a wonderful view of both outside and the driver's seat!





The M101 street car will remain in service, bringing a retro atmosphere to the streets. I definitely want to catch the two trams next to each other, just to compare!


In the spring on 2015 there are plans to develop a new route between the Odori and Susukino areas of Sapporo. Once completed the line would require two new street cars to provide service.



Information about the new street car will be posted on the "Sapporo Smile" facebook page, so keep an eye out!




(Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer - Eri Makino)


Photographs provided by ハレバレシャシン 山本 顕史さん.



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