"Recipes made with Tarumae Yusui Pork" - Delicious Hokkaido recipes for our Hokkaido Likers readers!

Today I'd like to share some delicious recipes made with "Yusui Pork."

These recipes are easy to make and sure to impress any guest.


"Tarumae Yusui Pork" is made with Kenboro pigs, from England, which are given spring water rich with minerals as they are raised.

This leads to the unique trait of a smooth, granular fat composition. The melting point of the fat is lower than other pork, and the meat is sweet without leaving a strong aftertaste. It's also well known for its tenderness!


The first recipe is for a Japanese "Shabu Shabu" dish! (Shabu shabu is a Japanese style dish where guests dip their meat into boiling water as they eat.)





"Shabu SHabu Lettuce Wrap"

~Ingredients (for two)~

 【Shabu shabu cut pork】・・・400g

 【Vegetable Garnish】 

   Lettuce・・・Half a head

   Japanese radish, carrot, ginger・・・Shredded (a fitting amount)

   Shiitake Mushroom・・・One

 【Tsukedare Dipping Sauce】

   Ponzu・・・To taste

   Sesame sauce・・・To taste

 【Flavor Dressing】

   Salad oil・・・60cc


   Strong soy sauce・・・70cc


   Sesame oil・・・60cc

   Squeezed ginger juice・・・A fitting amount






①Shred the radish, carrot, and ginger (at a ratio of 3:3:1) and gently mix in a bowl.

②For the flavor dressing, mix all the ingredients in a bowl until the sugar has melted.

③Dish up on a classy plate.





~Tip (How to eat)~

①Dip your meat in the boiling water until it has completely changed color.

②Place the cooked meat on a piece of lettuce and add your favorite veggies. Wrap it up and enjoy!


Next is a "Pork and Onions" recipe.

The meat in this dish is cooked with a lemon slice, giving the meat a harder texture which combines well with the tender fatty portions.





『Pork and Onions』

~Ingredients (for two)~


 【Green Onions】・・・6 stalks

 【Lemon Slice】・・・Four slices


   Strong soy sauce・・・100cc

   Shaoxing rice wine・・・100cc (Brandy also works)










①Cut the onions to a length that fits your pot and lay them across the bottom.

②Cut the pork into bite-sized pieces and spread across the onions. Arrange the lemon slices on top of that.

③After mixing the seasoning in a bowl, add to the pot and cover with a lid. Cook on high heat.

④After ten minutes turn the heat down to low, take off the lid, and occasionally mix the broth to get an even taste.

⑤Once the meat is tender, the dish is complete!


Finally, we have a "Smoked Pork Loin" recipe!

This dish is made with smoke from cherry tree woodchips!

The "Yusui Pork" used in these dishes is quite tender, making it perfect for sandwiches!





『Smoked Pork Loin』

~Ingredients (for two)~

 【Pork Loin】・・・400g (cut into two halves)

 【Garnish Vegetable】

   A.Red and Yellow peppers・・・Half of each (chopped)

     Celery・・・1/5 of a stalk (sliced diagonally)

     Onion・・・Half of a small one (sliced)

     Carrot・・・1/4 (shredded)

   B.Cucumber・・・1/3 (sliced and seasoned with salt and pepper)

     Pickles・・・2 (cross-cut lengthwise)



 【Cherry Tree Woodchips】・・・Two 3cm Squares(Adjust the size based on the width of the bar.)


     Salt and Pepper・・・To taste

     Olive Oil・・・20cc


 【Seasoning 2】

     Wine Vinegar・・・2tbsp

     Soy sauce・・・1 tbsp

     Sugar・・・2 tbsp







①Flavor the pork with salt and pepper, than brown in olive oil in a preheated frying pan.

 ※Be careful not to overcook!

②Before beginning the smoking process, prepare a deep frying pan, some netting, and a bowl.

 ※The bowl will become the lid for the smoking process, so be sure it isn't bigger than the frying pan! Cover the inside with tightly stretched aluminum foil.

③Once prepared, light the light the woodchips until they produce smoke and place in the frying pan. Sprinkle with sugar.

④Spread the netting across the frying pan, over the woodchips, and place the meat on top. Place the bowl on top for a lid and turn the heat up to high to smoke. (If there is a gap between the bowl and the frying pan, smoke will escape, so be careful.)

⑤After 5 minutes turn the heat to low. Flip the meat and smoke for another 10 minutes.

⑥Smoke each side of the meat for 10 minute intervals. Using a bamboo skewer, test the meat. Once the meat starts emitting juice remove from heat and let sit for 10 minutes.

 ※The bowl will have become quite hot so be sure to use a potholder!

 ※The meat usually takes about 30 to 40 minutes to smoke.

⑦Put the 【Seasoning 2】ingredients into a pot and bring to a boil.

⑧Add the (A) group vegetables and salt. Cook on high heat for one minute, then turn off the heat. Then cool the pot with ice water.

⑨After completely cooled drain the water using a colander. Now mix in the (B) group of vegetables and add olive oil to taste.

⑩Place the sliced smoked pork in the center of a dish, top with generous amounts of the vegetable mix and enjoy!





Today's recipes were provided by Chef Kazutoyo Sonobe, from Muroran restaurant "Sonobe."

Currently he is working at the "Sakura Tei" branch of "Sonobe."

The recipes today are sure to bring a smile to any guests face, but for those young bachelors out there, we suggest you try using your cooking skills to impress your date!





Authentic Japanese recipes provided by 「さくら亭」 (Sakura Tei)


(2-24-18, Nakajima-cho, Muroran)



(Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer - Iwasaki)