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"Omo-cheese by Warukado" - It's a cheesecake revolution!


A cheesecake with a mochi (pounded rice cake) texture? Or is it mochi with a cheese flavor? This cheese cake is unlike any you've had before. Because of its unique texture and taste, the makers have decided to combine the words "mochi" and "cheese" into the name "Omo-cheese!"





Warukado President, Mr. Sakine, came up with the delicious treat after deciding to make a uniquely Japanese style cheesecake. "I knew that Japanese people loved the texture of mochi, so I began to wonder if I could create a cheesecake with the same sticky, stretchy texture."


"It took about eight months to develop the product. During that time the developers had many moments of thinking they had figured it out, only to realize that there was something missing. Eventually, in 2011, we found the right process and created our first Omo-cheese cake! After so many failed tries, we were ecstatic and in May began pre-selling them at an exhibition. In just two weeks we sold over 5,000 packs and we started official sales in September of the same year." explained Mr. Shinichi Ikeda, from the PR division.





You can enjoy the cake right from the pack or serve it up on plates. It's actually easier to eat with a spoon than a fork.




▲Digging in with a spoon you can see the unique texture right away.


▲From squishy to stretchy!



There are many delicious treats but this one is so stretchy that it's actually fun to eat too!





According to Mr. Ikeda, "To fully enjoy the stretchy texture, let the snack thaw in the refrigerator for two to three hours before eating."


The plain flavor is a rich cheese taste that is quite delicious. If it were to be any stronger, it might become a bit heavy on the stomach but as it is the balance is perfect. For cheese lovers, this snack is irresistible!


Of course it goes well with coffee or tea, but also with wine. Personally I think it would make the perfect snack to enjoy with a nice glass of chilled white wine.


Mr. Ikeda told me, "I was surprised how well it went with beer!" After hearing this I had to try it, and he's right! I definitely recommend trying it at least once.





The plain flavor is quite delicious, but you can add to the taste by using a dip or by using it to top a cracker or in a sandwich. Strawberry or chocolate flavors make delicious toppings and while that may seem like a kid's treat, the cheese flavor makes it quite an adult snack.


Omo-cheese is made with Hokkaido cream cheese and fresh cream, and comes in three flavors, plain, chocolate, and strawberry. Also, for a limited time, you can find the "fresh cheese" flavor available at Haneda Airport.





You can purchase the snack by mail order, or find them at Hokkaido product exhibitions across Japan. If you hear of any exhibits near you, be sure to keep an eye out for Omo-cheese! They are quite popular, however, so be sure to get their before they sell out!



■わらく堂 (Warukado)



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■スイートオーケストラ わらく堂(店舗)(Warukado Sweet Orchestra)


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TEL: 012-011-3126

Hours of Operation: 10:00 - 6:00

Open every day except New Years.



(Hokkaido Likers Writer - Takako Chiba)



Some photographs provided by わらく堂.

  • "Omo-cheese by Warukado" - It's a cheesecake revolution!

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