"Dosan Sake Bar - Kamada" - Aside from the olive oil, everything is made with all Hokkaido ingredients!


When I first came to Sapporo I wanted to try some authentic Hokkaido food and drink! I heard many suggestions like Genghis Khan, ramen, fresh seafood. All incredible foods, but I was looking for something more.


I finally found it! A restaurant with a special "All Hokkaido Ingredients and All Hokkaido Drinks" menu, "Dosan Sake Bar - Kamada." (Dosan mean "Hokkaido Produced" in Japanese)



The drinks available are all made in Hokkaido. Of course Sapporo Beer is available, but the soft drinks are also Hokkaido products, Ribbon-chan's Naporin and Citron.

As for the food, as I said above, everything but the olive oil is from Hokkaido.


Mr. Kamada, the owner, explains, "I searched for some home-grown olive oil as well, but there was none being produced in Hokkaido. So I had to import that. But everything else is made right here in Hokkaido!"





I asked Mr. Kamada why he has been so faithful to the island..

"When you take trips outside of Hokkaido, most places you go have streets lined with shops that sell local alcohol, but that isn't that case here.

Hokkaido is a top class producer of foods but, even though food production and alcohol production are inseparable, they seem to have been divided somewhere along the line.


Many Hokkaido natives don't know that much about local Hokkaido sake.

From sake, to whiskey, to beer, everything you need is being made right here in Hokkaido! I'm completely self-sufficient!


Alcohol, even though it is usually a means to an end, creates its own culture.

So it's a strong desire of mine to bring the brilliance of both Hokkaido food and drink to the attention of my customers."


Please note that I'm not implying that the shop creates eccentric or flashy dishes. The dishes made here are regular Japanese cuisine, but they are incredibly delicious, made with the freshest in-season ingredients that Hokkaido has to offer.

For example, the ever-popular menu item, "Deep Fried Tofu."





The tofu and green onions used in this dish are, of course, Hokkaido grown, but the real winner here is the mountain wasabi.


"Although there isn't any wasabi available in Hokkaido, there is mountain wasabi. You might call it a kind of Hokkaido soul food." says Mr. Kamada.





Mr. Takashi Kamada is quite the incredible individual in his own right. A true sake master!

At the 2012 World Kikizake Contest he was the first contestant to win two awards, receiving runner up in both the Japanese Sake and Shochu categories.

He is also a certified professional sake taster, and has received more awards than I can tell you about here!

To see them all, please visit his webpage!





"I truly am my parent's child, my father worked for Sapporo beer and my mother was a well respected sake brewer."


For those visiting Hokkaido for the first time, a stop at this bar is a fantastic way to experience authentic Hokkaido food and drink. For those who visit, you are sure to learn something new about the dishes or alcohol you enjoy from Mr. Kamada himself!

Be sure to stop by the next time you're in the area!



■道産酒BAR かま田 (Dosan Sake Bar - Kamada)

http://dosankosyocyu.com/ (Japanese)


Location: 札幌市中央区南4条西4丁目MYプラザビル6F

(6F My Plaza, Minami 4-Jyo Nishi 4-Chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo)

TEL: 011-233-2321

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Fri/7:00p.m. to 1:00a.m

Sun/7:00p.m. to 12:00a.m.



(Hokkaido Likers Writer - Takako Chiba)

Photographs provided by 諏訪写真事務所.