"Kamakura Tea Party" - Enjoying tea in a traditional Japanese snow hut.




There was a wonderful event held recently inside this Kamakura. (A tradition Japanese snow hut.)





After passing through the "Noren" or sign curtain in the entryway...





I found a tea party being held inside!


This is the annual "Winter Tea Party" held by the Sekiguchi Yuuki Memorial Hall.

This year the event was held in true Hokkaido style, with seats available inside a Kamakura.





Here's what the room is like when empty.





Even the table is made of snow! The seats were logs, so (thankfully) they weren't quite as cold.





Seasonal flowers decorated the room.





At first I was quite tense, due to a combination of the room's temperature and the ceremonial feeling of the event, but as soon as the delicious candy snacks were served up I relaxed. By the end everyone was red faced from enjoying a bit too much amazake (a sweet sake drink).





Apart from the Kamakura Tea Ceremony, the event also included traditional Japanese dance, talk about the gallery, and more!


Next year please join us for a fascinating cultural experience! (As well as some delicious tea!)



●関口雄揮記念美術館 (Sekiguchi Yuuki Memorial Museum)



(Tokiwa 3-Jyo 1-Chome, South Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 005-0853)

URL: http://www.sekiguchi-muse.jp/ (Japanese)


(Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer - Megane)