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Revolutionary Furniture in Asahikawa – CONDE HOUSE

Conde House is a renowned furniture maker in Asahikawa featuring exclusive fine wood furniture.

Previously we posted about the production at the workshop.  -> http://eng.mg/2ec58
This time, I’d like to show you some of the finished products.

This type of chair is called a barka.  This chair won top honors in the 2008 International Furniture Design Competition, help once every three years in Asahikawa. 

The word ‘barca’ means ‘small boat’ in Italian.

The boat-like shape, made of 28 freely sliding planks of plywood, is certainly impressive.

The design is from Danish designer Jakob Jorgensen. 

This series is called Hakama.

This magnificent table was inspired by the hakama (traditional Japanese pants) of samurai, reflecting the dignified strength so strongly associated with samurai. 

It was designed by Peter Maly, called “the most successful designer in Germany.”  The tables’s key characteristics are the legs, which reflect the wide separated legs of the hakama, and the strong, 34mm thick tabletop, giving the piece a strong “face.”


The idea for this was born from the image of splitting a single tree and the splintering effect that happens as the wood is separated.  It looks as if these pieces are made from splitting wood.  However, the designs actually utilize several simple techniques of cutting, bending, and tearing wood to produce pieces that mimic the movement of splintering wood.    

The arms of this chair peal away and split into the legs. 

This table’s base divides into three supporting legs.  The designer of the Splinter series is Nendo’s Ooki Sato.


One of Conde House’s longest running products is this unique sofa bed featuring a curved seat.  Even today, it remains one of the shop’s most popular products.  The back cushions are freestanding, allowing the sofa to become a comfortable place to lie down.   

Paired with lowered chairs and a table, it adds an element of comfort and relaxation to any space. 

Move Dining

This is an extension table, especially useful for hosting.

The seams in the table made by the separating tabletop add to the beauty of the piece, making the extension feature this table’s real charm. 

These chairs, complete with covers, combine both style and functionality.   Since the covers are easily removed from the back, it’s easy to keep these chairs looking good. 

With the extension, the table stretches to 2500mm (160X90).

Wing Lux

Made by hand, one by one, these pieces all feature smooth, clean lines.  Designer Kiyoshi Sadogawa has produced an entire series of pieces that, born from the beauty of nature, overflow in their feeling of natural wood.  His work has become the most popular series at Conde House.  

These arm chairs feature the wing-like back symbolic of the Wing Lux series.  With advanced molding technology, these pieces use only a few, very high quality materials.

With an angular frame, triangle-shaped legs, and a thin seat, the luxurious sofa has a rather low center of gravity and makes those sitting on it feel as if they are floating.   

Furniture from Conde House is sent from Asahikawa all over the world.

The craftsman that make these pieces, bring a piece of the forest into their designs with the gentle earnestness of Japanese workmanship.  With the ideal of timeless design, Conde House offers pieces with world-wide appeal.

For those of you that really love Hokkaido, go check out the timeless, quality furniture from Asahikawa’s Conde House.

Conde House Homepage ->http://www.condehouse.co.jp/
Facebook Page-> https://www.facebook.com/condehouse
Interior Gallery – Ippon Homepage ->http://www.ippon-gallery.com/

( Photography & Composition by Hokkaido Likers Editorial Department – Eri )
( Photography also provided by Conde House )

  • Revolutionary Furniture in Asahikawa – CONDE HOUSE

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Eri Makino