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"Shiretoko Grand Hotel Kitakobushi" For a limited time only one child can stay the night for only 888 Yen!

At "Shiretoko Grand Hotel Kitakobushi," which stands before the beautiful Utoro Harbor, the wonderful "Spring Break Kid's Special" is currently running! From March 16th to April 13th every year the hotel offers a special deal for families by allowing one child to stay for 888 Yen a night!

If I've already peaked your interest you can hurry to book a reservation here:
http://eng.mg/16dcd (Japanese)

If you do end up visiting be sure to pay special attention to the food available! Buffet style is offered for breakfast and dinner, which is sure to fill even the largest belly with high quality food! Dishes featuring vegetables and seafood from Shiretoko are prepared in open kitchens which line the dining area.

▲The line of chefs cooking up a storm in the open kitchens!

▲Everyone loves the authentic, freshly baked pizza.

Of course Shiretoko's famous shrimp are available, but you can pick any of your favorite fresh seafood items to enjoy on a rice bowl or cooked to your liking! It seems the roast salmon is quite a popular dish as well!

▲If you've never tried roast salmon before, its fluffy texture and delicious taste will be a shock! The staff will cut the fish for you at the counter.

The dish that seems to fascinate the children the most, though, is the "Chocolate Fountain," which comes in three flavors. Kids are encouraged to play with their food until they can't eat another bite!

▲Three delicious flavors and tons of foods to dip! The chocolate fountain is a guest favorite.

Featured on the breakfast menu is the "Utoro Fisherman's Rice Bowl." The well seasoned fish is piled graciously on top of a large bowl of warm rice.

▲The fish available changes with the seasons. When I visited, deliciously sweet Okhotsk salmon was on the menu.

There is also a hot spring located on the top floor of the hotel.

There are indoor and outdoor baths, but I suggest heading outside to enjoy the beautiful view of the Okhotsk Sea and spread of Utoro Harbor below the hotel.

▲This is the indoor bath. The ice floe can be seen until the end of March!

▲The sea breeze and gentle touch of the hot water warms the body through and through in the open air baths.

For mothers I suggest trying out the aromatherapy available. Perfect for relaxing those tired muscles.

▲After warming up in the hot spring, enjoy a relaxing massage mixed with aromatherapy!

Perhaps not surprisingly the amount of baby goods available is substantial.
From diaper-only trash cans and changing stations, to learner's toilet seats, the hotel is truly designed to be family friendly.

▲Most parents dread the thought of running out of diapers while on vacation. Luckily this hotel is well stocked!

http://www.shiretoko.co.jp/rooms/childgoods.html (Japanese)

Within walking distance of the hotel is the "Shiretoko, Utoro Roadside Station."

Well known for the beautiful sunset visible over the sea, which is highlighted by the sea ice that stays in the harbor through the end of March.

By all means, if you're looking for a wonderful family vacation this is a perfect location!

As spring approaches there is no better place to ring in the coming of the warmer seasons than Shiretoko!

▲The natural beauty of the area is highlighted by the beautiful sunsets visible over the sea in the evening. In summer many visitors talk a walk to the nearby Oronko Rock, to snap pictures of sailors working on ships and enjoy the scenery from the pier.

[Spring Break Kid's Special]
From March 16th through April 13th.
Prices: One adult - 8,980 Yen, One Child - 888 Yen (Plans available from two adults and one child.)

[NOTICE - From April 7th through the 19th the 8th floor hot spring will be undergoing renovation.]

・Hot springs will be unavailable during this time.

・During this time adult and children prices will be reduced to 8000, and 800 Yen respectively.

・Bathing facilities at "Shiretoko Prince Hotel" will be available.

・During this time a special family bath will be available.

For more information please visit

http://www.shiretoko.co.jp/topics/details/9784.html (Japanese)

【知床グランホテル北こぶし】 (Shiretoko Grand Hotel Kitakobushi)

Location: Utoro Higashi 172, Shari Town

TEL: 0152-24-2021

Homepage: http://www.shiretoko.co.jp/english/index.html

On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kitakobushi?fref=ts (Japanese)

Transportation: A free shuttle bus runs between Kitami and Kushiro daily. A free bus is also available from Sapporo through the end of March. (The bus leaves Sapporo on Friday, and returns on Sunday.)

(Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer - Fukko)
(Photographs provided by 知床グランドホテル 北こぶし)

  • "Shiretoko Grand Hotel Kitakobushi"
For a limited time only one child can stay the night for only 888 Yen!

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