[ Food ] Oppai Ice: overflowing with Hokkaido goodness!

I-maru Ice Cream is simply overflowing with the delicious flavors of Hokkaido. 

Hokkaido is called “the kingdom of dairy.”  Using such superior ingredients, i-maru was started with the intent of broadening the reach of Hokkaido’s products.  Even i-maru’s representative, Maehara san, is a product of Hokkaido.  
The rich, creamy milk used to make the ice cream is produced by healthy and happy cows raised in the lush natural surroundings of Hokkaido.  They are fed and milked by hand and grow up being well taken care of.   Making sure the cows live stress-free lives is one point of care for the dairy farmers, ensuring the milk will be the best, most delicious representative of Hokkaido dairy.
After the cows are milked, the fresh milk is shipped to the ice cream factory where it will be pasteurized and prepared the very same day.  The milk is sterilized at a low temperature to maximize the richness and flavor of the milk, as well as preserve the concentration of nutrients.  The milk is immediately packed after being freshly pasteurized.   
This particular ice cream is better after being softened up a bit in your hands.   Luckily this Oppai Ice, (funnily shaped like a boob - that's actually the name of the ice-cream in Japanese - don't blame us here at HL for this!), is actually in a silicone wrapping making it easy to play with a bit before you start eating.  The small and cute packaging makes it not only easy but also fun to eat anywhere, anytime.
This is the silicone casing.  It doesn’t smell of rubber at all since it is actually made from the same material that teething rings made for babies are. 
At the i-maru shop in the Shin Chitose Airport, the staff will kindly soften the ice cream for you, making it even easier to eat. 
I-maru shop in Shin Chitose Airport, easily spotted with its colorful selection of Oppai Ice and the mark of their chicken and cow characters.
It’s even popular abroad.  More than 60 shops were opened last year in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, China and other places, offering this unique treat from Hokkaido.
If you get the chance, I recommend stopping at Shin Chitose Airport for some premium ice cream-filled Opppai Ice, overflowing with the goodness of Hokkaido.
[ Event Information ]
Hokkaido Food Exhibition (Osaka)
Time / Apr. 11 (Thu.) ? Apr. 17 (Wed.)
Venue / Kintetsu Department Store, Uehonmachi Branch
[ i-maru Shin Chitose Airport ]
Phone / 0123 ? 46 ? 5600
Address / Shin Chitose Aiport, Domestic Lobby 2F (In Trico)
Hours / 7:00~20:30
Homepare / http://i-maru.co.jp
Official Facebook Page / http://www.facebook.com/imarujp
Products are also available in the online shop! https://i-maru.stores.jp/#!/
( Photography & Composition, Hokkaido Likers Editorial Department- Makino )
( Photography also provided by i-maru Japan Inc. )