[ Place ] "Coffee in Sapporo City" Coffee in Hokkaido is delicious too!

I'd like to introduce you to cafe "Plantation," from "Akihiko Mori." This unique cafe provides an incredible location and delicious coffee which is roasted in-store.

"Akihiko Mori" is well known for creating fresh, uniquely styled shops.
I spoke with the owner, Mr. Ichikawa, about the basis for his new cafe.
"The first building we converted was an old house, the second building was a 30 year old building, and now we've worked with a warehouse. None of the buildings are originally designed for food service, so they are a bit inconvenient, but I think that adds a sort of unique charm to the location. When remodeling these buildings there are many new ideas that pop up out of necessity."
The charm of the cafe comes from its huge floor space, over 600 square meters!
It reflects the wide open spaces of Hokkaido itself.
As with all "Akihiko Mori" buildings, it is also distinguished by a relaxed sense of comfort.
The coffee roasting area.
Mr. Ichikawa explains, "The roasting machine is only one tool for producing coffee. To create truly delicious coffee there is a ton of effort required."
The tremendous passion for coffee is evident in the high quality beans and constant care given to water and tool quality. The roasting machine is located near the entrance of the shop, and coffee begins roasting every morning.
Near the end of my visit Mr. Ichikawa told me, "We're trying to create our coffee to match prime locations across Hokkaido. For example, choosing beans that are well suited to the low humidity environment of Hokkaido. When we take advantage of these factors we can make truly delicious coffee. I want customers to taste coffee that is fitting for their location."
Visitors to Hokkaido should definitely give the delicious taste here a try. Of course, if you already live in Sapporo you should enjoy the taste as well!
TEL: 011-827-8868
Location: 1-32 Kikusui 8-Jyo 2-Chome, Shiroishi-Ku, Sapporo
Hours of Operation: 11:00-10:30 (Last Order at 10:00)
Closed on Wednesdays.
There is a fee for parking.
Located about a ten minute drive from Sapporo Station, or a ten minute walk from Kikusui Station (on the Tozai Subway Line).
Homepage: http://www.morihiko-coffee.com (Japanese)
Official Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/MORIHICO?fref=ts (Japanese)
(Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer - Fukko)