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Delicious local Ekiben from Muroran “Bokoi-Meshi” - you have a chance to win a lucky charm!

Don’t just surprise from the impact of Atlantic surf clam in the bento box. 
“Bokoi-Meshi” is one of the most popular local Ekiben (Station bento box) that has the best flavor, visual, and service. It sells out quickly when they travel to Hokkaido exhibitions held in the Honshu region. 

This Ekiben has gathered many fans since its birth. Now they started to offer the bento box with a chance to win a lucky charm. What? Lucky charm in a bento box? 

Let’s find out everything about “Bokoi-Meshi”

The pretty wrapping paper which makes the feeling of traveling increases has the message: “Oh my loving Bokoi-Meshi San.” (Ah, Itoshi No Bokoi-Meshi San) Many Ekiben exists in all over Japan, but not many Ekiben is called with an honorific title such as “San.”
The cute wrapping raised my expectations. 

Let’s open it. 

Bento box contained: 
- An Atlantic surf clam (!)
- Onigiri made with seasoned rice
- A smoked egg
- A piece of smoked cheese
- Pickles
- A mint candy (!)

Surprisingly, everything was wrapped separately so that the flavors won’t mix. 

Let me turn around the Atlantic surf clam which is the most significant part of this bento box

I found a hidden onigiri here! 
This Onigiri-San has full of umami flavor. It’s made with the rare kind of kelp that can only be caught in Muroran called “Yayan Konbu” and plenty of Atlantic surf clam soup. 

Well, let me unwrap everything.  

I could feel the strong sweetness of Atlantic surf clam. They said they use a whole piece of an Atlantic surf clam. 
And the pleasant strong smell of smoked egg and cheese felt really nice. It had pretty rope-like patterns. Wow, it smells powerful. 

If I was planning to have a date after eating this bento box, I might hesitate to get close to her. 

But don’t worry. We already got the plan for that. 
Yes, if you have the mint candy after the bento box, your breath would be okay. “Bokoi-Meshi San” is a bento box with excellent service and hospitality. 

The secret of the birth of Bokoi-Meshi is revealed

Well, Bokoi-Meshi like that has a unique story of birth. 

Mr. and Mrs. Sekine manage “Bokoi-Meshi Honpo” and manufacture Bokoi-Meshi. 
The couple has artistic backgrounds as the owner Katsuharu is a shell work artist, and his wife Hisako is a silver clay artist. 

In the past, Katsuharu bought a large number of Atlantic surf clams (with edible parts) often to use them for his shell works. Since Hisako thought it would be a waste if he threw away edible parts, she had them at home by sashimi or cooking with charcoals. She developed many kinds of the menu, and among them, many people liked her seasoned rice. Surprisingly, it won the grand prize at “Muroran Local Dish Contest (Bento box section). ”

Moreover, silver clay artwork by Hisako won the first prize in 1999. From there, she built her atelier at the place where it used to be a cafe and a waiting room for sightseeing boats. However, because it was a cafe before, many people kept visiting to have some tea, thinking it is still a cafe. Some of them even asked her if she’s got any food. 

So she moved the atelier to the area next to the cafe and opened “Cafe Brouton” which she runs until now. And the seasoned rice she provided at this cafe was the origin of Ekiben “Bokoi-Meshi.” 

Hmmm, this story makes me feel that there exists some kind of destiny. 

They created Bokoi-Meshi with a chance to win a lucky charm! 

It has been about 20 years since they started selling Bokoi-Meshi and it’s still popular now. I heard a rumor that they recently changed the Bokoi-Meshi and now we have a chance to win a lucky charm. There is a lucky Atlantic surf clam shell in one bento box out of 40. I visited Katsuharu to ask about this rumor. 

According to Katsuharu, shells have been used as lucky charms for money and wisdom from a long time ago. “Shells were an essential item to protect our body, and at the same time, it has been considered precious as lucky charms. You see, the Chinese characters related to money and wisdom (貨・財・資・賢) includes the Chinese character of shells (貝).” 

To tell the truth, Katsuharu, a shell work artist, has been creating this lucky charm called “Shiawase Tsuko-Tegata” for over 20 years as a souvenir of Muroran. He created this lucky charm to wish for happiness to people who use sightseeing roads. By the way, Katsuharu does handwriting to each of them! 

He started putting this lucky charm in “Bokoi-Meshi” from about three years ago. When Bokoi-Meshi is provided for lunch on a bus tour, one of the participants wins the lucky charm and creates precious memory of the tour. 

Bokoi-Meshi has a delicious flavor, a great impression of the visual, and hospitality. 
Many people would like to try Ekiben “Bokoi-Meshi” even they are not using trains. You can find them at “JR Bokoi Station,” “Bokoi-Meshi Honpo,” and “Michi No Eki Mitara Muroran.” Get one of these bento boxes and test how lucky you are! 
  • Delicious local Ekiben from Muroran “Bokoi-Meshi” - you have a chance to win a lucky charm!

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