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Before using the HOKKAIDO LIKERS WEBSITE (hereinafter the “Website”) operated by SAPPORO BREWERIES LTD. (hereinafter “Sapporo Breweries”), please read carefully and agree to the following terms of use. If you fail to agree with these terms of use, you will be refused access to the Website. By using this Website, you agree to all of the following terms and conditions.

1. For the Use of the Website

You may use the Website without charge; however, you should set up and operate all devices necessary for access to the internet and use of email at your own responsibility and costs, and pay all charges for internet access and communications.

2. Copyrights

Copyrights or other Intellectual property rights, license or other rights in all literary works, portraits, characters, marks and other information that are used on this Website belong to Sapporo Breweries or providers of relevant information. Reproduction of such information by means of downloading, printing out or otherwise is permitted only for personal use in a house or other personal limited area. Please refrain from using (copying, uploading, posting or quoting, etc) the information or programs of this Website in other websites or printed materials, and, without permission, using the contents posted in this Website beyond the limit admitted by the Copyright Law.Copyrights related to a posting by a user, in principle, belong to the user who has made the posting; however, by posting any content to this Website, the user grants to the Website the worldwide non-exclusive license to use (including without limitation the right to process, extract, copy, publish and/or translate) his/her content without any charge and agrees not to execute moral rights against us.

3. Email

If we receive any inquiries from you, we may send emails to answer them. And we may provide you with various types of information by email upon your prior approval. Copyrights of these emails belong to Sapporo Breweries. Please refrain from using the contents of emails provided by Sapporo Breweries in other websites or printed materials without the consent of Sapporo Breweries.

4. Trademarks

All the rights of trademarks (including service marks, etc.) posted on the Website belong to Sapporo Breweries or other right holders who have permitted the use of the trademarks to Sapporo Breweries. Please refrain from using such trademarks without permission from the relevant right holder. Any other trademark, etc. whose owner is not specified in the Website belongs to each relevant company.

5. Suspension of Operation of the Website

When Sapporo Breweries decide that it is necessary to suspend the operation of the Website due to maintenance or malfunction of the system, fire or power outage, earthquakes or other natural disasters or any other operational or technical problems, it may suspend the operation of the Website without prior notice to users. Sapporo Breweries will not be held responsible for any damage that may arise from or as a result of such suspension.

6. Changes in the Website

Please acknowledge in advance that Sapporo Breweries may change the contents or address (URL) of the Website without prior notice to you.

7. Indemnification

Sapporo Breweries makes no warranties with regard to the integrity, accuracy, usability and otherwise of information, programs or services that may be provided through the Website or any other matters in connection with the Website. In addition, Sapporo Breweries will not be liable for any and all damages due to any failure in software or hardware, any problem taking place among users or between user(s) and any third party, or any other accidents arising out of the use of the Website. Furthermore, Sapporo Breweries will not be held responsible for any damages caused by any problems among users or between user(s) and any third party.

8. Member Registration

In this Website, there are some services available only to a person who has enrolled as a Member of the Website. “Member” shall mean a person who can use the services provided on the Website by Sapporo Breweries under these terms of use after the acceptance by Sapporo Breweries of an application from that person to obtain membership. An applicant for membership will become a Member by agreeing to these terms of use.

9. Fees

Registration fees and annual fees for general members are not charged; however, internet provider fees and telephone charges for internet connection or packet communication fees for access via mobile phones or any other costs will be borne by the members.

10. Membership

Members shall not transfer or lend the membership of the Website to others.

11. Changes in Registered Information

Any change in a Member’s registered information shall be promptly notified to us.

12. Revocation of Membership

We may revoke the membership of a member without prior notice in any of the following cases:

  1. When a Member makes unauthorized use of the information provided through the Website.
  2. When a Member commits any act in violation of these terms of use.
  3. When a Member conducts any act other than those described in the preceding items, which we judge to be inappropriate for the use of the “HOKKAIDO LIKERS” Site.

13. Contents to be posted

About contents users post, we will not bear full responsibility for that. Furthermore, we will not bear full responsibility for users’ damage caused by using this page or by the temporary limit to use. We will not bear full responsibility for any damage caused by the trouble among users or between users and the third party. The copyright and the like related with users’ postings are belonged on users to post them as a principle. However, it shows that after they post them, we can have the right to use such contents to post. Also it shows users will not exercise the moral right of author to us.

14. Prohibited Contents

In using this Website, you are prohibited from posting any content that falls or may fall under any of the following:

  1. Content that is posted for the purpose of criminal acts or triggers criminal acts
  2. Content that infringes intellectual property rights or other rights of Sapporo Breweries or any third party
  3. Content related to the privacy of any third party
  4. Content that is inconsistent with laws and regulations or public order and morals
  5. Content that defames or slanders or discriminates a specific person, company, state or region
  6. Content that is commercial in nature, such as introducing or merchandizing specific products, stores or businesses
  7. Content that includes dogmatic or assertive expression
  8. Content that is ethically inappropriate, including obscene expression
  9. Content that is considerably different from publicly-known facts
  10. Content that is obviously regarded as unpleasant by multiple users
  11. Content that seems to be definitely irrelevant to the page on which it is posted
  12. Content that is considered overly emotional
  13. Content that is likely to deceive other users or pretended as if it is posted by multiple users
  14. Content that discloses private correspondence with any third party or party involved
  15. Content that is false, fraud or misleading or triggers anxiety
  16. Content that may hinder the operation of the “HOKKAIDO LIKERS” Site or damage our credibility
  17. Content that is in breach of these terms of use
  18. Other than the described above, content that is judged by Sapporo Breweries as inappropriate

You acknowledge and agree that if any activity by a user within the Website possibly falls under any of the above, Sapporo Breweries is entitled to delete it without obtaining consent from the user or any third party, and will bear no legal responsibility for such deletion.

15. Privacy

Sapporo Breweries honors personal information provided by you and attempts to protect your privacy. Please see our “Privacy Policy” for details.

Privacy Policy

16. Information on Drinking

This Site will sometimes deal with information on alcohol and drinking. In using such information, please keep in mind that:

  • drinking by youth under the age of 20 is prohibited in Japan by the Minor Drinking Prohibition Act.
  • drinking by a woman who is pregnant or breast-feeding may have an adverse effect on the development of an unborn child or infant.
  • for enjoyable drinking, moderate consumption of alcohol is recommended. Please recycle cans or bottles after drinking.

17. Applicable law

Any and all matters including disputes regarding this Website shall be governed by the laws of Japan and shall be brought in the Tokyo District Court of Japan as the exclusive jurisdiction.

Updated Date: November 1, 2013

Enactment Date: August 26, 2013

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