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Signtseeing spots in Wakkanai, Rumoi Signtseeing spots in Wakkanai, Rumoi

Signtseeing spots in Wakkanai, Rumoi

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Wakkanai is located in northernmost Hokkaido, the top of the Japan. When the weather is good, you can see Sakhalin far away from Cape Soya. To Rishiri Island and Rebun Island, you take the ferry from here. There are many Hokkaido heritage around here, such as Wakkanai Kohoku Bouhatei Dome, Mashike's Historical Buildings, Rumoi's herring town, and Teshio river.
Rumoi is the town flourished by the herring fishing in the past. Coastline facing the Sea of ​​Japan is called "the Sea of ​​Japan Ororonrain", sunset seen from Ogonzaki of Rumoi is superb. In addition, there is a Kearashi(hair storm) as a symbol of winter. The "hair storm" is a natural phenomenon that occurs in midwinter, the water vapor rising from the sea surface by the heat of the sun, then the fog is generated by touching the cold air.
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