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Signtseeing spots in Obihiro, Tokachi Signtseeing spots in Obihiro, Tokachi

Signtseeing spots in Obihiro, Tokachi

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Tokachi is not the name of city, it is a huge area around Obihiro. In the area, there are large-scale dairy farming and dry field farming that made use of fertile land by the immensity are prosperous. Tokachi has the role as the Japanese food base.
"The Taushubetsu River bridge" is the Hokkaido heritage. It is an arched bridge made by the concrete in the man-made lake "Lake Nukabira" of the dam for hydraulic power generation in upper Shihoro-cho. In addition, there are plural railroad inheritances of Japan National Railways Shihoro Line including a bridge and a track / the station trace around Horoka Station traces. A visit tour to turn around with guide is held.
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