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Signtseeing spots in Furano, Biei, Tomamu Signtseeing spots in Furano, Biei, Tomamu

Signtseeing spots in Furano, Biei, Tomamu

To the latest spot from recommended, you will receive a tourist information to be able to enjoy the highest.

Furano was the stage of the TV drama "North Country". In the Goji District, there is a location which appears in the drama, so many fans of the drama visits even now.
The area called "Furano" is separated to Furano City, Kamifurano City, Nakafurano City, and Minami(South)furano City. Lavender fields such as farm Tomita are in Kamifurano. You can see beautiful hilly landscape look like patchwork in Biei. Known as the popular shooting spot throughout the year. You can enjoy beautiful views as you drive by the car, such as Shikisainooka, Mildseven no oka, Seven Stars of trees, Ken and Mary's tree.
"Blue Lake", which water looks blue got famous for getting to default wallpaper of Apple.
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