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Events in Kushiro, Akan, Nemuro Events in Kushiro, Akan, Nemuro

Events in Kushiro, Akan, Nemuro

We will deliver and experience programs, and festival events, the information which can be idle.

There is Kushiro damp plain, which is registered as the first Japan issue in Ramsar Convention in Kushiro. Lake Akan, known for Marimo is located in this area. An outstanding tourist attraction in this area, like Akan National Park, Lake Kussharo, Lake Mashu-ko and Lake Akan-ko. Those lakes show the beauty of four seasons. With the activities such as walking, canoeing, horse riding, you will sense the unity with the Nature. There are hot springs around there, so you can relax after those activities.
There are many ways to enjoy Kushiro damp plains, such as walking, taking Norokko train, and going down the Kushiro river by a canoe.
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