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Writer in Hokkaido resident, will deliver experiences and programs, such as the festival events, the information that you play in Hokkaido.

What do you like doing in Hokkaido? Hokkaido spring is slow, but how are you at Hanami cherry blossoms and Shizunai Nijyu-kan Douro Do and the road Donan Matsumae? The Genghis Khan (Grilled Rumb) at Hanami is also unique tradition in Hokkaido. Hot-air balloon and rafting, horseback riding experience touring, Niseko motorcycle and bicycle in summer. And, RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL is the major summer festival of Hokkaido!
Autumn, mountain climbing and hiking while enjoying the autumn leaves early in Japan. If it is winter, there is skiing and snowboarding in powder snow! Snow sculpture building experience, also there is the Showashinzan international snowball fight are also famous. The ride and drift ice ship "Garinko" and "Aurora" in the Okhotsk is also recommended. Hokkaido Likers will introduce the experience and information events to be able to enjoy Hokkaido.
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