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Introducing about the culture of Hokkaido and products made in Hokkaido.
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Changes of four seasons and beautiful nature of Hokkaido, stimulates the sensibility of the creator. There are feelings of the music and art, simplicity and natural generosity. Hokkaido has crafts, products, and folk art, born from nature. In addition, without being bound by old customs and history, great idea of the scale of flexible born free and bold It may also be a feature like Hokkaido.
"Asahikawa furniture" uses lots of Hokkaido wood, local brands of Oketo "orchestra Craft" is a harness maker only in Japan, referred to as Hermes to the north such as "Somesusadoru" are products also famous in the world. Hokkaido crafts has flexibility which would make a pot of Genghis Khan Hello Kitty.
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