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Foods/Specialities in Wakkanai, Rumoi Foods/Specialities in Wakkanai, Rumoi

Foods/Specialities in Wakkanai, Rumoi

We will deliver information and gourmet, seasonal specialties, such as limited souvenir, a delicious food situation.

Wakkanai is located in northernmost Hokkaido, the top of the Japan. When the weather is good, you can see Sakhalin far away from Cape Soya. To Rishiri Island and Rebun Island, you take the ferry from here.
Shabu octopus is famous for local food. Rumoi is the town flourished by the herring fishing in the past. There are some tours to taste herring. "Umaiyo! Rumoi Ichi" is held 4 times in a year, fresh seafood gather at the festival. You can buy them as a survenir or eat them outside. Pasta called "Rurusosso" uses wheat made in Rumoi is recommended for eating and survenirs.
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