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Foods/Specialities in Kushiro, Akan, Nemuro Foods/Specialities in Kushiro, Akan, Nemuro

Foods/Specialities in Kushiro, Akan, Nemuro

We will deliver information and gourmet, seasonal specialties, such as limited souvenir, a delicious food situation.

There is Kushiro damp plain, which is registered as the first Japan issue in Ramsar Convention in Kushiro.
Kushiro is the birthplace of “Robata”, the barbecue. The “Kattedon” (selfish bowl) of the Washo market, is a bowl you make by walking through the market and order any pieces of seafood you want. "Spa cutlet" which is spaghetti with meat sauce and a cutlet is a Kushiro noted product. You are able to eat in the restaurant Izumiya.
A specialty of Odaito is Hokkai Shima Ebi (shrimp). Nemuro is in the most east end of Hokkaido, and there is an individual local gourmet including Nemuro saury roll sushi and the escalope.
Hanasaki queen crab, which becomes bright red when its boiled, can be only fish around Nosappu Promontory.
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