Foods/Specialities in Obihiro, Tokachi Foods/Specialities in Obihiro, Tokachi

Foods/Specialities in Obihiro, Tokachi

We will deliver information and gourmet, seasonal specialties, such as limited souvenir, a delicious food situation.

Tokachi is not the name of city, it is a huge area around Obihiro. In the area, there are large-scale dairy farming and dry field farming that made use of fertile land by the immensity are prosperous. Tokachi has the role as the Japanese food base.
In foothold city of Tokachi, Obihiro, there are headquarters of popular survenir makers such as “Rokkatei” and “Ryugetsu”. Because fresh raw materials such as milk, dairy products, soy bean, wheat, beat (sugar beet sugar), Tokachi is called a cake kingdom, and a company / the store make the original desserts.
How about taking a tour to enjoy Tokachi desserts such as "the natural cheesecake" of Tokachi Toteppo studio, "bakery Kobashiya", " Takahashi steamed bun shop".
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