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We will deliver information and gourmet, seasonal specialties, such as limited souvenir, a delicious food situation of Hokkaido.

Hokkaido, from the earth to the sea to the delicious food! Genghis Khan(Grilled Ramb), ramen, and beer you can only drink in Hokkaido is called "Sapporo classic". Otaru sushi, Hakodate squid, Wakkanai shabu octopus, dessert in Tokachi, pork bowl of Obihiro...
In addition, potatoes, corn, pumpkin, crab, sea urchin, mackerel, saury, salmon roe and salmon in the fall! Desserts for surveniers are Royce raw chocolate, Shiroi-Koibito from Ishiya confectionery, Rokkatei butter sand, in Fromage Double of Letao. Popular local gourmet are curry soup in Sapporo, Omu-curry in Furano, Supakatsu from Kushiro Izumiya. From all the way around, Hokkaido Likers tell you about the food specialties of Hokkaido.
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