"Kushiro Sanbou Sushi - Mackerel Pike Roll" - Kushiro City Fresh handmade Hokkaido sushi.

The seafood in Hokkaido is known for its high quality taste. In my hometown the most common sushi is the sashimi variety, but in Kushiro the delicious "Kushiro Sanbou Sushi," which features a delicious selection of sushi rolls, has taken hold as the most common souvenir brought home by travelers. Kushiro Sushi Bar "Unique Com" is the manufacturer of these rolls, which show off the abundance and great taste of local seafood.
For their mackerel pike sushi roll, they use fresh fish caught off the eastern Hokkaido coast. They also make use of the delicious "Saomae" kelp, which is harvested in a short period of time before the regular kelp harvest begins in June. Of course, the rice used in the roll is Hokkaido grown as well.
The roll includes the pike, rice vinegar, the salty taste of the kelp, and crisp slices of ginger which help accent the flavor. This quality sushi packs quite the taste!
I visited the Kushiro based factory early in the morning and was surprised to find the staff already busy at work. Each roll was carefully prepared and packed into a box. Every morning the rolls they prepare are shipped off to be sold and enjoyed.
These delicious rolls are available in Kushiro, as well as New Chitose and Haneda Airport. They are also commonly featured in Hokkaido-product fairs around Japan. Be sure to try the delicious taste of Kushiro Mackerel Pike Rolls the next time you spot them in the store!
○ Kushiro Sanbou Sushi dealers
・Kushiro Fishman's Wharf (Store located inside MOO)
・At the Kiosk inside JR Kushiro Station
・Kushiro Airport and New Chitose Airport's ANA FESTA
・In Hanada Airport
● 釧路棒鮨本舗 有限会社ユニーク・コム (Kushiro Bou Sushi Shop - Unique Com)
http://www.unique-com.net (Japanese)
9-3 Naniwa Town, Kushiro City
TEL : 0154-25-3131