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November 30, 12 | Chiaki Uzurahashi

"Takahashi Ranch Niseko Milk Workshop" - Enjoy views of Mt Yotei with fresh milk that you can eat!

Beyond a grassy meadow sits the majestic peak of Mt. Yotei. In this stunning setting stands "Milk Workshop," operated by Takahashi Farm, which opened in 1997. What started as an ice cream shop has turned into a sweets shop which offers yogurt, sponge cakes, and shu cream (a whipped, light-custard cream popular here in Japan).
The shu cream here, in particular, is delicious! To get the best taste, you should eat it as soon as the pastry has come out of the oven and been filled with the delicious cream! After biting into the firm pastry, thick cream spills out into your mouth filling it with a milky sweetness.
▲ The softness of the cream is due to the amount of milk used. "Shu Cream" - 150 Yen each.
Inside the store you'll find a glassed-in kitchen area sporting a giant oven. After watching them make some of their delicious treats, you'll definitely have to try some!
▲ The shu cream are only filled after an order is placed.
▲ They were making delicious roll cake when I visited.
All the sweets made here use fresh milk from Takahashi Farm, which is visible behind the shop. The farm grows all it's own feed, meaning that the cows graze year round. The work environment is stress free to produce the tastiest milk.
"We post all of the ingredients we use in our products, so that our customers can see that we use basic ingredients. When you get right down to it, we aren't a pastry shop, or a candy shop, we're a dairy farm. We want to share the delicious taste the milk our cows provide with our customers." says manager Yuko Takai.
▲ Manager Yuko Takai, raised as the eldest daughter on Takahashi Ranch. "When we released our shu cream treat nine years ago we knew nothing about cakes. The whole process was trial and error."
▲ Ice cream made with the morning's milk - 300 Yen. That's Mt. Yotei in the background. The delicious flavor and the incredible view make each visit an exceptional experience.
Next time you're in Niseko, why not stop by for a delicious Milk Workshop treat? These milk based sweets can't be beat!
● 高橋牧場 ニセコミルク工房 (Takahashi Ranch Niseko Milk Workshop)
Location: 888-1, Soga, Niseko
TEL : 0136-44-3734
Hours of Operation : 9:30 - 6:00 (Cake sales begin at 10:00)
※ Times vary in winter.
Closed during the New Year holiday.
★ Check here for more information on Niseko in autumn!
  • "Takahashi Ranch Niseko Milk Workshop" - Enjoy views of Mt Yotei with fresh milk that you can eat!
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