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October 11, 12 | Chiaki Uzurahashi

"Tokachi Plains at Dusk" - From Shinarashiyama Observatory in Memuro.

The Shinarashiyama Sky Park is located just 15 minutes south of the Town of Memuro. There you can find the Shinarashiyama Observatory, an outlook located 340 meters up with a beautiful view of the surrounding area. The main view is a beautiful sweep of rice fields and wind-breaking forests interlaced across the plains of Tokachi, and you just have to turn your head to view the Hidaka Mountains. This view, beneath a beautiful sunset, really sweeps you up in its majesty.
During winter this area will become a ski slope, and heavy snows blocking the paths mean that the viewing platform will closed. However, skiers and snowboarders alike can ride lifts to the top and enjoy the season!
  • "Tokachi Plains at Dusk" - From Shinarashiyama Observatory in Memuro.
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