“HAKOMART” - Paper boxes with original designs.

The HAKOMART event, which runs through September 9th, is a joint event born from the collaboration of paper box makers across Sapporo. But just what kind of event is this? Let's go take a look!
Featured at the event are paper boxes with designs by illustrators and designers from across Sapporo. Each box teases the imagination of the event-goers with the questions, "Where is the best place to display this box? What could be stored inside it?"
Paper box maker Morita Co. says that the thought process behind the event is for "each box [to be] manufactured with a focus on originality." The event was first conceptualized in conversations at a series of "box meetings" that the makers held. Managing director Atsushi Kondo explains, "All of the Sapporo creators we talked to were interested in using the box format for design work with a focus on individual personality and a high-quality product."
I was able to talk with several creators from the event's executive committee about their designs.
Mr. Mugi Maeda used a tree motif in his designs. Mr. Shinya Kawamoto's work uses a theme based on a child-parent narrative featuring bears. Mr. Kazuhiro Kikuchi uses the association between "boxes and secrets" for his closed-eye designs.
Lastly Mr. Futaba, from COMMUNE, was inspired to bring together the natural beauty of Hokkaido and the commonplace items in life in his "nature on your doorstep" work. As he explained to me "Hokkaido hasn't really developed it’s own common designs yet, so it's a lot of fun to be able to start work with clients on a blank page and create an image together."
These paper boxes can only been seen at this event, so be sure to stop by and see these incredible designs!
Event Times: September 1st - 9th, 11:00 - 10:30 (Last Order at 10:00)
Closed on Wednesday
Venue: Plantation 3rd floor of Grenier (1-32 Kikusui 8-Jyo 2-Chome, Shiroishi, Sapporo)
※Visiting the cafe is not required
COMMUNE、Futaba. 、阿部寛文、岡田善敬、川本真也、菊地和広、菊池信悟(rocketdesign)、小島歌織、前田麦、増永明子
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