"Hand-made Soba at Shuhouan" - Kiyosato Town

Enjoy the taste of soba noodles made from scratch!
“Mr. Kunihiro Takahashi first began making soba in Kiyasato Town after being asked to create a soba meal with a ‘homemade taste.’ His noodles had a fantastic flavor and aroma, using only the finest ingredients. While the shop was only open in the mornings, it was still quite a hit!”
“Mr. Takahashi let me in on the history of his shop. He told me ‘I was coming out to the fields every year, furthering my studies, milling flour for other companies, and I began to want to make my own. So I set up my own factory and, after a few years passed, I opened up the shop.’"
“Because the shop is run as a side-job, it's only open three days a week, and only around lunchtime. I apologize to any out-of-town visitors, but that's the most I can keep it open.”
"The soba noodle is made of two parts wheat and eight parts buckwheat. The broth is made using an auxis (a type of fish) and bonito blend fish stock. Not too sweet, not too spicy, the perfectly blended taste."
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