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Northern kitchen All Day Dining - Sapporo Shime-Parfait series (10)

If it’s peach, it’s peach, and if it’s pistachio, it’s pistachio. 

I will introduce parfaits from “Northern kitchen All Dining”, which let people enjoy the natural flavor of the ingredients from end to end. 

They use Hokkaido made soft serve and gelatos! 



They updated the parfait menu in July 2018!

3 minutes walk from the Metro Odori Station 4-Chome Plaza exit. The restaurant is located on the second floor of La’gent Stay SAPPORO-ODORI. 

Northern kitchen All Day Dining welcomes not only guests staying at the hotel but also local businessmen and women with dishes using carefully selected ingredients from Hokkaido. 

ホテル「ラ・ジェント・ステイ札幌大通」の2階のノーザンキッチンの入口▲The entrance faces the East. You can also enter from the hotel entrance on Minami 2-Jo Street which faces the South. 

They offer parfaits during lunch and dinner time, and they just updated the menu in July 2018! 

The main ingredient before was the soft serve from North Plain Farm in Okoppe-Cho. 

They added gelato from Re di Roma born in Sapporo to increase the variety of flavors.  

札幌のノーザンキッチンの興部町産「ノースプレインファーム」のソフトクリーム▲Okoppe-Cho North Plain Farm’s soft serve is creamy but has a light aftertaste. 


The most recommended menu from the staff is “Pistachio Parfait”

They offer six kinds of parfaits including “Coffee”, “Mixed Berries”, “Japanese Style”, etc. 

Ms. Shiroma, the staff charge of desserts, raised her hand in making the recipes because she loved sweet stuff. “We tried not to put too many ingredients so that each parfait can focus on its theme and flavor.” Ms. Shiroma told me. 

Her favorite from the menu is “Pistachio”. 

札幌市中央区のノーザンキッチンのピスタチオパフェ▲“Pistachio Parfait” is 1,400 yen with homemade ginger ale and 1,200 yen separately. (Both the prices include taxes) 

The parfait is served with a tall glass. In the glass, there is pistachio gelato (as a topping and more inside!), crushed pistachio (a lot!), white chocolate with crushed pistachio (great aroma!) and you can feel the pistachio flavor in every bite! 

This is “the” pistachio parfait. 

Also, the August seasonal parfait is “Peach Parfait”. 

札幌市中央区のノーザンキッチンの桃パフェ▲“Peach Parfait” with sparkling wine is 1,600 yen and 1,300 yen separately. (Both the prices include taxes)

The parfait is perfect for peach lovers because it is “so” peachy: fresh peaches, delicate peach compote made with white wine and vanilla beans (It’s Ms. Shiroma’s showpiece), and white peach gelato. 

All the parfait don’t use whipped creams, so I recommend this parfait to gelato, and soft serve lovers especially! 

By the way, this is a restaurant. 

Some people enjoy drinks and meals, is it okay to just order parfaits? 

“Of course! We welcome customers who order just parfaits! Stop by our restaurant casually.” One of the servers Ms. Matsuya told us. 

札幌市中央区のノーザンキッチンのスタッフ▲The server Ms. Matsuya on the left and the charge of dessert Ms. Shiroma on the right. 

The restaurant does not take table charges which is another good point. 

End your wonderful day in this relaxing place! 


* Some days closed due to reservations so please call the restaurant in advance if you want to visit here for sure. 
  • Northern kitchen All Day Dining - Sapporo Shime-Parfait series (10)

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Fumiko Magota