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Release | Fumiko Magota

“Bar plus Sweets Two Rings” - Sapporo Shime-Parfait series (9)

A place which offers delicious desserts in spite of an authentic bar. 

It’s a place for selfish grown-ups who crave for both drinks and parfaits. 

The place is called “Bar plus Sweets Two Rings”. 

すすきのの「Bar plus Sweets Two Rings(バー プラス スイーツ ツーリングス)」のパフェとカクテル


The generous dessert bar for grown-ups! The perfect place for both sweet tooth and drinkers

“Bar plus Sweets Two Rings” is a new kind of place to enjoy drinks and desserts in the same mood. 

すすきのの「Bar plus Sweets Two Rings(バー プラス スイーツ ツーリングス)」の内観

The bar offers various drinks together with different homemade desserts such as cakes and puddings. 

They have seven to eight kinds of parfaits, too. 

すすきのの「Bar plus Sweets Two Rings(バー プラス スイーツ ツーリングス)」のたいやき▲“Taiyaki” in a bar? It’s a new addition to their menu. The taste is a little bitter with Hoji-cha flavored dough and chocolate cream. 400 yen/piece. 

Hisaki Yoshida, the owner and the bartender, he studied about drinks on his own after he graduated from a culinary school. 

Bar plus Sweets Two Ringsの吉田さんと奥さん▲“We try to create light desserts which guests can have after eating Genghis Khan.” Mr. Yoshida and his wife told us. 

Guests also visit here to enjoy the great pairing of drinks and sweets. 

He provided “Plenty of fruits parfait” and “Tea parfait” when we visited. 

札幌のBar plus Sweets Two Ringsのパフェ▲“Plenty of fruits parfait” on the left and “Tea parfait” on the right. 

The fruits parfait contains four to five kinds of fruits such as oranges and grapefruits, two kinds of ice cream chosen by Mr. Yoshida’s mood, and whipped cream. 

The ice cream of the day was English tea and pineapple sorbet. Both flavors were thick and deep!

I could feel the natural flavor of the ingredients. Especially the pineapple sorbet was as if I was drinking the freshly squeezed juice. The sweet and sour taste conquered my mouth. 

Mr. Yoshida is cautious and well-organized. He peels skins one by one.  

Some people say that fruits were put out from a can because it looks too beautiful. 

He recommended “St.Germain Daiquiri” to drink together. It’s a cocktail which adds elderflower liquor into daiquiri. 

The flowery and elegant flavor makes the deliciousness of fruits stand out even more. 

「たっぷりフルーツのパフェ」1500円と「サンジェルマンダイキリ」1000円▲From the left “St. Germain Daiquiri” 1,000 yen and “Plenty of fruits parfait” 1,500 yen. 

The other one “Tea parfait” contains matcha and hoji-cha ice cream, green tea flavored mini donuts, and brown rice tea flavored mini waffles. The parfait totally consists of tea. 

All teas for ingredients are powdered teas grounded with millstone from Uji. 

I could feel the characteristics of each tea. 

He recommended sherry, also his personal favorite, for this parfait. 

Sherry is a kind of wine except it has higher alcohol percentage than wines. 

He has approximately 15 kinds, and he prepared “OLOROSO FARAON” for the parfait. He told me it’s the best sherry to match with matcha. 

札幌のBar plus Sweets Two Ringsのお茶のパフェ▲From the left “Tea parfait” 1,500 yen, “OLOROSO FARAON” 700 yen. 

The bar also has pudding parfait, maple, and nuts parfait, etc. 

The drinks menu book has brief explanations of each drink. So you can have fun choosing the best glasses for your parfait. 

Try the new Shime-parfait (parfait at the end of night) to explore the great pairings of drinks and parfaits! 

The table charge is 700 yen per person. 

The bar takes reservations. 

You cannot wait at the bar if you visit there without a reservation and the table is full. 

It is safe to make a reservation if you really want to visit the place. Weekends and 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm are especially crowded. 

They don’t have seat limitations so you can spend as much time as you want. 

It’s three minutes from Metro Nanboku-Line Susukino Station and 5 mins from Odori Station. The bar is located on the second floor of the building with a big Santa climbing the wall. 

Bar plus Sweets Two Ringsのビルの外壁
  • “Bar plus Sweets Two Rings” - Sapporo Shime-Parfait series (9)

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Fumiko Magota