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Release | Fumiko Magota

Find a cup of latte to taste delicious milk at “BARISTART COFFEE” in central Sapporo

If you are looking for a cup of delicious latte in central Sapporo, you should head to “BARISTART COFFEE” because they are particular about milk.

You can pick your favorite milk from three kinds of Hokkaido milk.

Enjoy the delicious latte.


Don’t you think it’s something unique? You can choose your favorite milk for a cup of latte made with Hokkaido milk

The shop is located near the “4-Chome Plaza” exit of Metro Odori Station. 

“BARISTART COFFEE” is a famous coffee shop located along Naka-Dori, and has popular latte which 80% of customers order. 

札幌市中央区のBARISTART COFFEEの外観▲The exterior design looks like a house. 

札幌市中央区のBARISTART COFFEEのラテ▲Above is the popular hot latte (left) and cold latte (right). 

The reason for its popularity is milk. 

“I wanted to make a latte not only coffee is delicious, but also milk is delicious, too.” Yuki Takeuchi, the Global Chief Barista told me. He traveled around ranched in Hokkaido to find the perfect milk. 

He put his favorite three kinds on the menu and customers can choose from one of them. This unique style coffee shop was born from his trip. 

札幌市中央区のBARISTART COFFEEの竹内店主▲Mr. Takeuchi. He masters how to use Italian machine which can adjust the pressure to extract espresso and is difficult to master. 

He searched for “fresh milk which has high milk fat and lathers well when it’s made into a cup of latte.” 

Now he offers below three kinds: 
Jersey milk from “Tokachi Kato Ranch” (Obihiro City) which has over 5% milk fat, which is high, and has a sweet flavor. 

Jersey milk from Farms Chiyoda (Biei-Cho) which is non-homogenized and has deep flavor. 

Pasteurized Holstein milk from “Hakodate Gyunyu” (Hakodate City) has excellent balance in flavor.

札幌市中央区のBARISTART COFFEEの牛乳▲Milk from Tokachi Kato Ranch is delivered directly. Other than above, they sometimes offer seasonally limited milk. 

They pair sweet milk with fruity coffee to stand out the flavor. On the other hand, they pair flavorful milk with bitter coffee. 

They make customers enjoy flavorful, milk, and deep flavor of latte by pairing with carefully selected beans which they grind after customers’ orders. 


You can also enjoy latte art when ordering a cup of hot latte

Mr. Takeuchi is an expert in free pour latte art. 

He was the final 16 at “Coffee Festival Latte Art Contest” (Host: The Japan Food Journal”). Other than that, he won the championship of “UCC Coffee Masters Latte Art Section in Hokkaido Region” in 2014 and 2016.

In free pour latte art, they don’t draw with steamed milk put on espresso like design cappuccino. They draw as they pour steamed milk on espresso.

This is something professional, so I will share his technique with pictures! 

札幌市中央区のBARISTART COFFEEのラテアートの工程▲He starts to pour steamed milk onto espresso. 

札幌市中央区のBARISTART COFFEEのラテアートの工程▲Something started to appear. 

札幌市中央区のBARISTART COFFEEのラテアートの工程▲He continues and….

札幌市中央区のBARISTART COFFEEのラテアートの工程▲He finished in a second! 

札幌市中央区のBARISTART COFFEEのラテアートの工程▲Wow, this is beautiful! 

A cup of latte from BARISTART COFFEE is beautiful and delicious. Why don’t you try their coffee during your break or your trip? 

  • Find a cup of latte to taste delicious milk at “BARISTART COFFEE” in central Sapporo

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Fumiko Magota