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Take a break at Michi No Eki Ishikari “A’i Road Atsuta”! 100% soba noodles and pizza are the must-try!

We should definitely make a stop at Michi No Eki Ishikari “A’i Road Atsuta”, during a drive along Ororon Line! You can enjoy the fantastic views of the ocean.

The Michi No Eki is located approximately 70 to 80 minutes drive along the Sea of Japan from Sapporo City, Otaru City, etc. So, the place is perfect to take a break. 

2018年4月にオープンした道の駅石狩「あいろーど厚田」▲Michi No Eki Ishikari “A’i Road Atsuta” opened in April 2018. 


Table of Contents

- Where is Michi No Eki Ishikari “A’i Road Atsuta” located?
- Check out local vegetables and processed foods at the shop on the first floor
- 100% soba noodles on the first floor are incredibly delicious! Taste the flavor of dashi! 
- The food court on the second floor has a great view of the ocean! 
- Learn a little about history at the exhibition area on the second floor
- Go further up and enjoy the panoramic views of Ishikari Bay! 


Where is Michi No Eki Ishikari “A’i Road Atsuta” located?

Michi No Eki Ishikari “A’i Road Atsuta” is a Michi No Eki (roadside station) located in Atsuta-ku Ishikari City. 

It is located along National Route 231, going to Rumoi City from Sapporo City, passing the Sea of Japan. 

Michi No Eki Ishikari “A’i Road Atsuta” is a rare stop because there are not many places to stop for restrooms along the National Route. 

国道の山側(写真右側)に道の駅があります。国道を挟み海側にも小さな店舗が入るアネックス館があります▲The facility is on the mountain side of the National Route (on the right in the picture). There is an annex on the ocean side crossing the National Route with small shops. 

National Route 231 is called as Ororon Line together with parts of National Route 232 north of Rumoi City. The route is known for beautiful views along the Sea of Japan. 

It’s one of the major routes to go towards the northernmost city Wakkanai direction from Sapporo City and Otaru City. 


Check out local vegetables and processed foods at the shop on the first floor

The building is three-stories high. There is the gift shop “Ishikari’s taste and local information floor” and “Atsuta Soba Ichijun” on the first floor. 

Let’s check out the shop first. 

物産店には石狩市内の農産物や特産品などが並びます▲Agricultural products and local specialties from Ishikari City are displayed in the shop. 

It is interesting to take a look at shops which sell local specialties and souvenirs whenever you visit Michi No Eki. You can notice the characteristics and uniqueness of the area. 

Everyone might have different ways to enjoy and spend time in Michi No Eki. 

In my case, I check out the shop which sells local specialties to find out what’s best in the area.  

訪れた日、店頭には厚田産の大きなシイタケがいーっぱい並んでいました▲There were lots of big shiitake mushrooms from Atsuta displayed in the shop when I visited. 

厚田名産のシソを使ったジュースなどがずらり▲I found many juices using shiso leaves which is the specialty of Atsuta.

石狩市に本店がある人気コーヒー店、TOKUMITSU COFEEのゼリーも販売▲They also had the famous coffee shop, which has the main branch in Ishikari City, TOKUMITSU COFFEE’s jelly. 

お土産に、厚田産そば粉を使用したクッキーはいかが?▲How about some cookies made with soba powders made in Atsuta for souvenirs? 

They have snacks and drinks perfect to have during the journey and souvenirs as your memories. 

Why don’t you get something?

100% soba noodles on the first floor are incredibly delicious! Taste the flavor of dashi! 

Next, I went to Atsuta Soba Ichijun.



食券を買ってオーダーし、食べ終えたら自分で下げるセルフスタイルです▲They are a self-service restaurant. You buy tickets to order and put back plates by yourself. 

Don’t despise this place as a soba shop in Michi No Eki! 

Their 100% soba noodles using soba powders made in Atsuta has an intense flavor and satisfying!!

And their dashi is flavorful!! It’s just amazing!!

「半年以上試行を重ねてやっとこの味を出せました。毎日しっかり出汁をとってますよ」と店長の森田瞳さん▲“We took over six months to achieve this flavor. We extract dashi soup every day.” The manager Hitomi Morita told me. 

Let’s try their signature dish “Herring Soba” (900 yen, including tax). 

厚田で獲れたニシンの甘露煮が2切のっています▲The bowl comes with two pieces of sweetened boiled herring caught in Atsuta. 

They use soba breed called Kitawase produced in Atsuta and blends two kinds of soba powders with different ground styles. 

It tastes like Inaka Soba because it contains chaffs, too. However, it’s not dry like usual Inaka Soba.

It has the intense flavor of soba itself. 


And the soup, too, has a strong flavor and don’t hide behind the flavor of soba. 

They extract dashi soup every day at the restaurant, and they have three kinds of dashi soup depending on the menu. 

For cold zaru soba noodles, they make it salty with dried bonito and dried frigate mackerel. 

For warm soba, they add kelp soup to make it mild. 

And for cold soba, they mix soup stock made with five different ingredients. 

しっかりした味わいのそばとつゆに、肉厚なニシンの甘露煮が合います▲Thick pieces of sweetened boiled herrings mix really well with strong flavors of soba and soup. 

The soba noodles at this restaurant make us enjoy the flavor with thick dashi soup, not the saltiness. 

The soup was very delicious that I could drink up! 

Other than that, herring rice bowl with herring sashimi caught in Atsuta is recommended. 

ニシンを入荷した日に数量限定で販売されるニシン丼。味噌汁も出汁ききまくってます!▲Herring rice bowls are offered with a limited amount. Their miso soup also has excellent dashi flavors! 

The soba shop is too good to stop by while a road trip. I can visit here just to have their soba. 

You should definitely try! 

However, the place is very popular as their soba is delicious. They might be closed in late hours when they go out of stock. 

Visit there early if you are interested. 


The food court on the second floor has a great view of the ocean! 

I visited the second floor next. 


There are a food court and an exhibition area to introduce the history of Ishikari City, etc. 

The food court is operated seasonally from spring to autumn, and there are three shops: 

“Bakery & Pizza” - offers pizza and pastries using local vegetables. 

“Ishikari Fumiichi” - a sister shop of seafood and sushi Izakaya. 

“Lico Lico Atsuta” - a gelato chain store in Hokkaido. 


You can have foods and drinks purchased in the store at the eating area with huge window with views of the ocean. 

大きな窓が印象的。テーブル席とカウンター席があります▲Big windows are impressive. They have both table seats and counter seats. 


I bought “Mouraiton sausage and Atsuta shiitake Pizza” (1,100 yen including tax) from Bakery & Pizza. 

注文を受けてから焼くピザ。かなりもっちり感がある生地で食べごたえあります!▲They bake pizza upon orders. The dough is very chewy and filling! 

Mouraiton is brand pork produced in Atsuta and has sweet fat and soft meat. It contains flavors of Atsuta as it comes with local shiitake mushrooms. 

You can ask for takeaways, but I recommend to have it in the eating area to enjoy the views. 

イタリアのフルーティーなドリンク「ヨーガ スッコ・ディ・ペーラ(洋ナシ)」と「ヨーガ スッコ・ディ・ペスカ(ピーチ)」も置いています。各280円ですが、ピザやパンと一緒に買うと230円になります▲They also have Italian fruity drink “Yoga Di Pera (Pear)” and “Yoga Succo Di Pesca (Peach)”. They are 280 yen each but they offer a discount, and you can get in 230 yen when you purchase with pizza or bread. 

This place is also very popular. They sometimes sell out in the early afternoon so visit here early if you come for pizza. 


Learn a little about history at the exhibition area on the second floor

The eating area is on the ocean side on the second floor. The exhibition floor is on the mountainside, and you can learn history, nature, and literature relating to Ishikari City.  

石狩には油田があったんですって。知ってましたか?▲Did you know that there was an oil field in Ishikari? 

北前船の歴史についても紹介▲They also introduce about Kitamaebune. 

手の込んだ可愛らしいジオラマもあります▲There is a cute diorama, too. 

You can find stairs near the exhibition area to go to the observation area on the third floor. 

It continues to the outside of observation space to the hill at the back of the building. 

Let’s enjoy the view from the rooftop in the end. 


Go further up and enjoy the panoramic views of Ishikari Bay!

建物3階(=屋上)から裏手の丘へと続く通路を進んだところから眺めた様子▲The view from the hill behind the building; it continues from the third floor (=rooftop). 

There are two sights in this hill behind the building. 

戸田城聖生家。中を見学することもできます▲Josei Toda’s birthplace. You can take a look at inside, too. 

丘の上に建つ恋人の聖地、厚田公園展望台。鐘がついていて鳴らせるほか、カップルが愛を誓い取り付けた南京錠も多数あります▲Atsuta Park Observation is on top of the hill and a mecca for lovers. There is a bell and numerous padlocks with messages by couples. 

建物中央のステンドグラス、妙にカワイイ(^^♪▲The stained glass in the center of the building, it’s kind of cute. 

展望台の建物の上に立つと、かなり遠くまで見渡せます。空気が澄んだ晴れた日は絶景に違いない!▲You can see far away when you stand on the building of the observation. It must be a fantastic view on a sunny, clear day! 

It is about seven to eight minutes walk from Michi No Eki to the observation. It’s a good work out after a meal. Visit here as well if you have some spare time! 

The Michi No Eki was a place where you want to visit here rather than stopping here during a road trip. 

Enjoy delicious and unique foods using ingredients from Atsuta, see some views, and buy souvenirs from Atsuta! 

夕暮れは絶景!アネックス館ではこんなステキな風景が広がります▲Sunset is amazing! You can enjoy this fantastic view from the annex. (The picture is provided by Michi No Eki Ishikari “A’i Road Atsuta”)
  • Take a break at Michi No Eki Ishikari “A’i Road Atsuta”! 100% soba noodles and pizza are the must-try!
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