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Release | Yuki Konishi

The 100% additive-free “Hokkaido Hotcake” is extremely fluffy and has an entirely new texture


“Tsubaki Salon” is located in front of the symbol of Hokkaido “Former Hokkaido Government Office (Red brick building)”. It’s a beautiful place which is a cafe on daytime and turns into a bar at night. 

The most popular dish of Tsubaki Salon which makes long queues every day is “Hokkaido Hotcake” appeared in 2018 Spring. 

It shakes when you lift the plate? 

The menu is called “Hotcake” rather than pancake and written in Hiragana characters. The reason is that they wanted to express the warm, delicious taste as if mothers baked when in childhood, in the name of the menu and the dish itself. 
Ingredients are carefully selected and 100% made in Hokkaido!
Ingredients are straightforward: flour, egg, butter, beet sugar, salt, and wheat starch. 

Hokkaido Hotcake looks quite thick, but it’s incredibly soft that it shakes just by lifting the plate! 

The secrets of softness are the procedure to make dough and baking!
They separate egg yolk and white, whisk firmly, then mix with powders and make the dough. After that, they take about 20 minutes to bake slowly on an iron pan. That’s the secret of pancakes being extremely fluffy.

It’s baked entirely on the surface but inside the heat is softened so that people can enjoy the fluffy and melty texture. 
The parts where fluffy and melty feels somewhat like custard creams. 
It seems big, but the sweetness is very gentle, so anyone can finish before feeling full. 

Dessert type premium and meal type bolognese

There are two standard menus of Hokkaido Hotcake. 
“Hokkaido Hotcake Premium” with plenty of whipped cream is the picture below.  
北海道ほっとけーきプレミアム▲1,700 yen with a drink. 

First, have a bite without toppings. 
After that, you can enjoy adding different toppings which comes with the pancake: Hokkaido butter, homemade Tokachi red bean paste with reduced sweetness, and beet sugar syrup tastes like black sugar. 
The natural cheese comes with the pancake is from Tokachi, too. The aroma and salty flavor of cheese refresh the taste. 
Another standard menu is “Hokkaido Hotcake Bolognese”
北海道ほっとけーきボロネーゼ▲1,900 yen with a drink and green salad.  

The dish comes with the bolognese sauce made with minced pork from Hokkaido, and salad with delicious dressings, so recommended as lunch, too. 

Notice the beauty of space design and dishes

The dishes and cutleries to enjoy Hokkaido Hotcake are made especially for the pancake. 
オリジナルのカトラリ―▲Cutleries are popular for presents, too. 

The design of coffee cups is inspired by “Wabisuke”, a kind of camellia flowers. The thin and light cup is not only beautiful and easy to drink but also we feel specialty coffee become even more delicious. 

The spacious place expresses nature, and the land of Hokkaido makes the atmosphere to a very comfortable place. Furniture which guests interact such as tables and chairs are made of 100% natural materials such as wood, Japanese paper, lacquer, leather, and stones. 

By the way, Hokkaido Hotcake has other versions such as limited menu with seasonal fruits topping and the smaller version to enjoy with drinks at bar time.  
Hokkaido Hotcake condenses the deliciousness of Hokkaido. Enjoy the never-experienced fluffy and melty texture! 
椿サロンの入り口▲Hokkaido Hotcake does not accept reservations in advance, but they have a system to announce the baking time so that people can go out and come back when the restaurant is busy. 

  • The 100% additive-free “Hokkaido Hotcake” is extremely fluffy and has an entirely new texture
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Yuki Konishi