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Release | Yuki Konishi

Sapporo limited design stationeries are a must-buy for stationery lovers!


Stationeries make our lives and work a bit fun and cheerful.
There are stationeries that Hokkaido Likers editors who love stationeries talk about a lot. That is, Japanese national stationery brand “DELFONICS”’s Sapporo limited design!
Let’s check out how they look like!

Sapporo limited design uses Former Hokkaido Government Building and vegetables as motifs! 


Take a look! Above are the second edition of Sapporo limited design which started selling in March 2018.
They made notebook and plastic folders with designs of the iconic tourist spot Former Hokkaido Government Building and Hokkaido vegetables. 
DELFONICS is a Japanese national stationery brand established in 1988.
They create various simple and useful original stationeries with beautiful designs under the philosophy: “stationery is not only a tool but at the same times also represents a portal to culture.”
You may have used DELFONICS stationeries without noticing.  

Limited products are limitedly sold at local direct shops

I visited Ryosuke Goto, the shop manager of DELFONICS’s direct shop “Smith Sapporo Stellar Place” to hear some stories. 


“DELFONICS produces many local limited items. Other than Sapporo, there are Sendai, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka and they are only sold at direct shops in each city.” 

Smithの店内▲Smith Sapporo Stella Place offers approximately 6500 items, mainly stationeries. This is a must-visit shop for stationery lovers. 

By the way, Sendai uses “Masamune Date” and “Kokeshi” for design, and Fukuoka uses the festival “Hakata Dontaku” and strawberry “Amaou”. 
They choose motifs which depict local cultures and local specialties which are iconic for each city. 


“Each store will post ideas for motifs. It is tough to pick something from Sapporo and Hokkaido because there are so many specialties!” Mr. Goto told me. 

The unique coloring and color scheme are impressive! 

Let’s take a look at the second edition of Sapporo limited design. 


The Former Government Office Building and vegetables that we see every day have turned into a beautiful design as if they are from abroad. That comes from unique coloring and color scheme. 
If you take a look closely, the red and green colors used in the illustration of Former Government Office Building are slightly different. This is something you should take a look! 
Vegetables have cute figures, and the balance of fresh green, red, yellow colors looks really nice.  


“Rollbahn”’s “notebook with pockets L” has many fans from its high function and beautiful design. The notebook has a rubber band so that it won’t open inside bags and has cut lines on each page. You can even put a pen inside the ring.
In addition, they have 5 clear pockets at the end of a notebook. 


The plastic folder called “Sapporo Limited 5 parts folder A4” has 5 pockets in a plastic folder so you can organize multiple A4-sized documents! 


The folder had Einstein’s quote “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”



It will sell out soon! Visit the store as soon as possible! 

The store manager Mr. Goto holds the first edition of Rollbahn notebook with pockets L started selling in March last year. *It is already sold out and the picture is Mr. Goto’s private belongings. 

第一弾の札幌限定品も大好評で完売▲The first edition uses the same Former Government Office Building motif except it’s winter. And the other one uses Hokkaido’s wild animals for the motif. 

“The second edition started selling in March 2018, and it is very popular by travelers and locals alike. We only sell them while stocks last so please visit the store as soon as possible.” Mr. Goto told me. 


According to his prediction, some items may sell out in early June. Oh, we must hurry! 
Those who live far away can get them shipped upon your request. Please contact them for details. 
  • Sapporo limited design stationeries are a must-buy for stationery lovers!

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Yuki Konishi