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Release | Ayumi Ohmiya

The delicious gelatos from “ARTLACZE” in Kitahiroshima gather lots of people!

It has become a nice time of the year to go for a drive in fresh greens. I will introduce the delicious gelato shop you should take a detour when you drive towards Naganuma and Yubari area from Sapporo via National Route 274.

▲真夏でも涼しく感じる木立に囲まれた爽やかな空間▲The gelato shop is surrounded by woods which makes people cool down even in mid-summer. 


I didn’t want to tell anyone about the shop! The hidden gelato shop on the hill of Nishinosato

“ARTLACZE” is a gelato shop located in Nishinosato, Kitahiroshima City, which uses plenty of local ingredients. The place is very popular that it gets long lines on every weekend. 
The shop is located on the side of a municipal road on the east of the national route. You will find the space with nice atmosphere suddenly by the time you get worried if you are in the right place. Keep going, following the sign of ARTLACZE, and you will enter their property. Then you will see a building like a museum which connects to a well-kept garden. 

▲丘の上に建つアルトラーチェ。国道からは見えないので迷ってしまう人も多いかも▲ARTLACZE is on a hill. You can’t see from the national route so it may be difficult to find the place at first. 

▲木立に囲まれた中庭。ジェラート片手に一休み▲The courtyard surrounded by trees. Take a break with a cup of gelato. 


They use ingredients from Hokkaido as much as they can, especially seasonal local specialties

Gelatos made by Miki Nakajima, who is a Gelato Maestro certified by Japan Gelato Association, use fresh ingredients, have fluffy and smooth texture and deep flavor which makes characteristics of each ingredient stand out. 

“The attraction of gelatos are that I can produce whatever flavor and texture I like by mixing ingredients I chose,” Nakajima told me the attraction of gelatos.
ARTLACZE’s gelatos may be the result of delicious transformations of ingredients by encountering with Nakajima’s magic. 

▲オススメを決められないほどどれを食べても◎。ちなみに人気ナンバーワンのメニューは『いちごのミルフィーユ』なのだそう▲Every flavor is delicious, and it is tough to give recommendations. By the way, the no.1 popular flavor is “Strawberry Millefeuille”. 

They are very particular about using fresh and delicious ingredients from Hokkaido as much as they can. For example, pasteurized milk from Hakodate, non-homogenized milk from Ebetsu, heavy cream from Tokachi, brown egg from Toya, and vegetables and fruits grew in their private farms. 

▲自社菜園で収穫されたイチゴ「さとほろ」は北海道のオリジナル品種。高糖度で酸味もある濃厚な食味が特徴でアルトラーチェではつぶつぶ感を残してジェラートに。6~7月限定の『ストロベリー』というメニューで登場▲They grow Hokkaido originated brand “Satohoro” and “Kentaro” in their private farms. They leave textures of strawberries when they process into gelatos. “Satohoro Strawberry” and “Kentaro” are provided in two different gelatos from June to July. The gelatos have different sugar content, sourness, and aroma so it may be interesting to compare the two strawberry flavors. 

They also offer seasonal flavors as well as the popular regular flavors such as “non-homogenized milk from Ebetsu Kobayashi Farm” and “Strawberry Millefeuille”. The harvest periods of vegetables and fruits are different depending on kinds, so they have various monthly or seasonal gelatos and sorbets depending on the situation of harvesting. 
They are planning to have blood orange sorbet, very berry sorbet which mixes three kinds of berries, etc. 
Single size is 350 yen, double is 430 yen, and Super 5 which contains five kinds of gelatos with whipped cream and cookie topping is 720 yen. You can choose between cone, waffle cone, or cup. (Super 5 is provided only in cups) They also sell gelatos in cups for souvenirs and shipping. 

▲北海道の素材で作ったジェラートの詰め合わせは夏の贈りものに喜ばれそう ▲The mixed gelatos made with ingredients from Hokkaido may be perfect for your summer gifts ideas. 

Other than gelatos, different baked goods, puddings, cream puffs are also very popular. There are many fans of ALTRACZE’S custard creams which they cook speedily in a copper pan to not lose the flavor of their carefully selected eggs.
Strawberries and tomatoes on the farm next to their shop, which will become ingredients of gelatos soon, seemed delicious already. They also host Marche to sell their vegetables and fruits during the peak period in their harvest season. 

▲隣接するファームに広がるイチゴ畑。世話に手間がかかるが初夏のメニュー『ストロベリー』を作るのには欠かせない食材▲The strawberry farm located next to the shop. Strawberries take a lot of work, but it is a necessary ingredient for the early summer flavor “Strawberry”. 

▲トップシーズンには収穫された野菜や果物を販売することも。トマトの量り売りでは珍しい品種もたくさん▲They occasionally sell vegetables and fruits harvested from their farms during peak periods. You can find many rare kinds of tomatoes which are sold by weights. 

▲近隣の農園で採れたての野菜が並ぶことも▲The shop sometimes sells fresh vegetables from nearby farms. 

It is usual that there are long lines before the opening on weekends. The best time is around noon when it gets less busy. 
The delicious gelatos make you want to visit again and again. You definitely should visit here and try their gelatos! 
  • The delicious gelatos from “ARTLACZE” in Kitahiroshima gather lots of people!

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Ayumi Ohmiya