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“Dip&Merry” - Sapporo Shime-Parfait series (8)

Dip&Merry パフェ

“Dip&Merry” is focused on dipping dishes using vegetables from Hokkaido. You can enjoy dipping dishes, pizza which goes great with alcoholic drinks, and parfait with alcoholic drinks! I will introduce three recommendations of parfaits for grown-ups.
Dip&Merry▲The restaurant is located in between Tanuki Koji Shopping Street and Susukino, the 2nd floor of Hotel Rener Susukino. 

Get Fruit Parfait if you want something filling! 

I recommend this parfait who wants filling parfaits to fill your stomach. 
Dip&Merry パフェ▲“Fig and coconut vanilla fruits parfait” 

Fruits and sorbet are stuffed fully in the glass. Those of you who worried about finishing it by how it looks, don’t worry. They put filling ingredients in upper parts of the glass, and lower parts of the glass are filled with light ingredients. It is easy to finish in spite of how it looks. 
Dip&Merry パフェ▲It looks like quite filling!  

By the way, it contains; from the top, fig mousse, fig sorbet, coconut vanilla sorbet, seasonal fruits, pear mousse, grape fruits jelly, and lemon jelly. 
The parfait focuses on fresh flavor of fruits but yet filling. It was fun to taste the texture of fig and thick flavor of homemade sorbet. It surely goes great with cocktails and whiskeys. 


People can enjoy the famous parfait here!? 

The next parfait is this one! 
People who thought “why is it here?” would be ones who just started eating around Shime-Parfait in Sapporo. People who thought “oh yes, I knew it is available at this restaurant, too” must be a great fan of Sapporo Shime-Parfait. 

Dip&Merry パフェ▲“Salty caramel and pistaccio parfait” 

The parfait looks very much similar to the standard parfait “Salty caramel and pistachio” from the famous Sapporo Shime-Parfait store “Parfait, Coffee, Sake, Sato” which gets long queys all the time. 
To tell the truth, “Dip&Merry” is in the same group with “Parfait, Coffee, Sake, Sato”. Parfait provided in this cafe is produced by “Parfait, Coffee, Sake, Sato”. 
It looks almost iconic, but actually, parts of the parfait, such as mousse and sorbets are different. Those of you who can notice the difference must be a Sapporo Shime-Parfait geek! 
Dip&Merry パフェ▲The parfait looks very similar from the top, too. The difference is obvious to people who know about both parfaits, right?  

The topping is almond tuile, pistachio ice cream, and salty caramel ice cream using black rock salt. They put blueberry mousse under the ice cream, then homemade milk ice cream and whipped cream, and apple jelly in the bottom. 
Slight saltiness and sourness make me addicted to the parfait. It goes great with beer or champagne. 


People who like chocolate must choose this one! 

The last parfait! 
Dip&Merry パフェ▲“Bitter chocolate and orange parfait” 

They put cacao tuile, bitter chocolate ice cream, Ehime mandarin orange sorbet on the top, crushed cookies and homemade chocolate mousse under that, followed by milk ice cream and whipped cream in the middle and chocolate sauce in the bottom. 
The thick chocolate flavor and fresh sourness of mandarin orange are mixed in a great balance! The parfait must go great with wine and sangria. 
Dip&Merry パフェ▲The crunchy texture of cacao tuile, chocolate chip, crushed cookies give parfaits accents.  

Enjoy the parfaits with alcoholic drinks or soft drinks! 

Which parfait did you like the most? People who can’t choose one must visit the cafe in a group. 
Dip&Merry▲The cafe is quite spacious. There are also seats in front of the bar counter. The place is useful for visiting in a group because they have plenty of seats. 

Since “Dip&Merry” is not a parfait specialized cafe, you should order meal such as dipping dishes or pizza, or drinks with parfaits. If you have a chance to visit with few people, get few kinds of dishes and parfaits to share and exchange each other. 
Dip&Merry パフェ▲All of the parfaits look delicious, and those of you who can’t decide must visit with a group, or just get everything and eat it by yourself!?

Those who are too full to eat something else, they also have drink set which is a better deal than getting single items. 
Enjoy the parfaits which go great with alcohol! You must get addicted to their parfaits! 
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