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Ice cream Bar HOKKAIDO Milk Mura - Sapporo Shime-Parfait series (3)

“Ice cream Bar HOKKAIDO Milk Mura” provides unique ice cream style drizzled with western spirits since 1995. The bar has always been operating until 11:00 PM last order long before the Shime-Parfait trends. The popularity has spread to wide generations both men and women, from females in their twenties seeking for delicious desserts to males in older generations who visit here like visiting a bar.

アイスクリームBar HOKKAIDOミルク村の内観

The delicious ice cream which has a slightly orange flavored aftertaste is created with Hokkaido produced milk!

I would say that the basis of the long popularity of this bar is the quality of ice cream produced by the owner patissier Soichi Iwamura, who got trained in Paris. 

アイスクリームBar HOKKAIDOミルク村の店主夫妻▲Mr. and Mrs. Iwamura. 

Mr. Iwamura, who was working at pastry shops in Matsuyama-City in Ehime Prefecture, where he was born, and Nangodori in Sapporo, realized that custard creams made with the same recipe tasted totally different at the two shops. The custard cream in Sapporo tasted better than the one made in Ehime Prefecture. 

Gradually, he got convinced that Hokkaido produced milk made the difference. From his experience of making pastries so much in Paris when he was training, he became to be willing to open an ice cream shop using this delicious Hokkaido milk. 

The ice cream went through lots of experiments. He added an egg yolk to produce rich flavor and orange flavored liquor to Hokkaido produced milk finally. The ice cream melts surprisingly quickly in the mouth, and it disappears instantly. After that, the sweet orange aroma leaves in the mouth slightly. The ice cream is very luxury.  

アイスクリームBar HOKKAIDOミルク村のアイスクリーム▲The shape is like a soft serve, but it is an ice cream. It comes with a frozen cup at the shop. 

The liquor is essential to French pastries, and he became familiar with them in Paris. When he opened the bar, he only provided 7 kinds, but now the number increased to approximately 130 kinds! 

アイスクリームBar HOKKAIDOミルク村の食べ方メモ▲The how-to-eat recipe put on each table. 

The ice cream is made to be eaten with spirits, enjoy the wonderful mixture! 

When I went to cover the place with the photographer, we tried “Framboise”, “Blackberry”, the orange liquor named by Napoleon I “Mandarine Napoleon”, and “The Great Smoker” which is 50 years old “Tesseron”. “The Great Smoker” is a kind of cognac loved by Winston Churchill from England. 

アイスクリームBar HOKKAIDOミルク村のアイスクリーム▲I followed their recipe: put ice cream on the spoon and poured some liquor. 

I could discover totally different flavors and surprised at how delicious ice cream and liquors are. To tell the truth, I did not like cognac before but trying with ice cream here tasted extremely delicious. I felt like I became a totally different person. 

According to Mr. Iwamura, “there are many people who did not drink alcohol normally but become to like it when trying liquors with ice cream at my shop.” Mr. Iwamura’s ice cream has some magical effects! 

There are more liquors such as expensive ones like “The Great Smoker” or 40 years old Eau-de-ve de cidre “Le Marquis de Saint Loup”, Japanese flavors such as Matcha or Yuzu, or flavors like caramel cappuccino which are obviously great friends with ice cream, many kinds of grappa and brandies, etc. You can experience fun to choose and find your favorite liquors. 

The crepe which comes with A-set is also Parisian taste! 

They have two kinds of menu. 

“A set d’argent” comes with ice cream, two kinds of liquors of your choice, crepe, yogurt, kinwa, rum azuki, and a cup of coffee. “B set sherutowa” comes with ice cream, three kinds of liquors, and a cup of coffee. 

アイスクリームBar HOKKAIDOミルク村のAセット▲“A set d’argent” (1,390 yen)

Both sets come with English tea liquor and handmade cookies made by Mrs. Iwamura and staffs. 

アイスクリームBar HOKKAIDOミルク村のクッキー▲The cookie had a crunchy texture with oatmeals. They don’t use cookie cutters to make shapes.  

It is recommended to enjoy crepe, yogurt, kinwa, and rum azuki with ice creams but my favorite one was crepes. (Rum azuki, not rum raisin, was also very delicious)

Mr. Iwamura’s recipe of crepe follows Parisian style. The smell of burned butter and vanilla beans were amazing. I also understood that mixing yogurt and ice cream is popular to many people. It tasted like vanilla flavored yogurt ice cream. 

アイスクリームBar HOKKAIDOミルク村のクレープ▲Chewy crepes. 

You can have another cup of ice cream if you order the set. It seems like too much to eat at first, but many people do choose to order another cup when they enjoy trying different flavors. 

This is definitely a well-established ice cream shop where people can feel happiness from various flavors. 
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Fumiko Magota

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