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Release | みふねたまき(Tamaki Mifune)

Explore the city scenes of Sapporo with “SAPPOLOR”, the card game inspired by Sapporo’s landscape

札幌景観色カードゲーム サポラ

In Spring, the city of Sapporo gets colorful at the same time snow melt. I will introduce the new card game recommended for this season. That is “SAPPOLOR”, the card game inspired by Sapporo’s landscape. I interviewed the president of Hokkaido Color Design Laboratory and color coordinator Yuka Tonozaki, who directed the creation of SAPPOLOR.


I wanted more people to know about 70 colors of Sapporo’s landscape

札幌景観色70色▲The color chart of “70 colors of Sapporo’s landscape”

Today I will introduce the card game inspired by Sapporo’s landscape “SAPPOLOR”. The base of this card game is “70 colors of Sapporo’s landscape”. 
Sapporo City created its own palette of 70 colors in 2004 to achieve landscape colors that everyone thinks beautiful. Each of these 70 colors inspired by Sapporo’s landscape has unique name and story; such as “Sapporo Onion”, “Moerenuma” and “Snow Festival”. 

When we look at the names and the colors of the color chart, we can imagine the sceneries or things inspired the colors. However, many people do not know about the 70 colors. “All colors are beautiful, but they are not put into practical use. “ Tonozaki told us. Every time she talked about coloring at seminars or workshops she gave as a color coordinator, she keenly realized people do not know about the colors. 


Make the landscape colors into a card game! Crowdfunding made her dream come true

札幌景観色カードゲーム サポラ考案者 外崎さん▲Tonozaki’s activities are broad. As a color coordinator, she plans colors of commercial architecture and public space, gives lectures about the science of color at universities and created original color teaching materials. 

The birth of SAPPOLOR was the workshop Tonozaki was hosting at nursing home, etc. She used cards with traditional Japanese colors to play a memory game. One day, a person suggested her “why don’t you make a card game with 70 colors of Sapporo’s landscape?” 

To make Sapporo city beautiful, she recognized the importance of raising the recognition of the landscape colors. “Card game would make a wide range of people to play, from children to adult, and people can learn about colors while playing games. I thought it was the best tool.” Tonozaki told us. She decided to collect funds for production via crowdfunding and the project started. 

和の伝統色カードゲーム▲“The Japanese traditional color card game (21 colors)” made SAPPOLOR project start.


22 colors with unique names were selected from 70 colors

Tonozaki had experiences of creating color card game with traditional Japanese colors, etc. “When making color games, the number of cards is important. When the number is too large, games won’t finish, and when the number is too small, it is not fun. I divided the 70 landscape colors into three groups and selected 22 colors considering the balance, and understandable names, and stories which are easy to imagine. “

She selected: “Ai No Sato (Indigo village)”, “Ezomatsu (Ezo-Pine)”, “Beer-Cha (Beer brown)”, “Namachoco (Ganache)”, “Kakkou (Cuckoo)”, “Moiwayama (Mt. Moiwa)”, “Moerenuma”, “Pechika (Russian stove)”, “Ezorisu (Ezo-Squirrel)”, “Sumigarasu (Black crow)”, “Sapporo Nanseki (Sapporo  soft stone)”, “Sapporo Tamanegi (Sapporo onion)”, “Susuki (Japanese pampas grass)”, “Cabbage”, “Ezo-Engosaku (Ezo corydalis tuber)”, “Lilac”, “Yukimatsuri (Snow Festival)”, “Sekka (Snow flower)”, “Suzuran (Lilly of the valley)”, “Shining white”, “Watage (Fluff)”, and “Yukimushi (Snow bug)”. 

札幌景観色カードゲーム サポラ▲Sapporo landscape color card game “SAPPPOLOR” (1,500 yen + tax), 22 colors are paired. * SAPPOLOR is a coined word from SAPPORO + COLOR.

“The most difficult part was saddening. Sapporo’s landscape colors are mostly cool-based intermediate colors. The print did not turn out the color I imagined, and I had lots of exchanges with the printing company.” To express the subtle color differences, she put lots of effort on selecting paper and inks. Also, she used PP process to create the good texture. Because of all the efforts, Tonozaki is very satisfied with the final product. 

The cards have the Munsell color chart to make children play and learn, and also web safe color and CMYK color cords. The cards are useful to those who are involved in creative works, too. Another attraction of the cards is the cute illustrations inspired by the color names. The illustrations are drawn by the illustrator “Necktie” based in Sapporo. 


Memory, old maid, Karuta, etc.,  many ways to play!

札幌景観色カードゲーム サポラ▲People can use voice reading function with their smartphone or tablets. Download using the QR code on the package. 

The game is easy! There are pairs of 22 colors so that people can play memory, old maid, and Karuta. At the crowdfunding, she set the goal to 300,000 yen but collected 379,500 yen. The color cards were donated to Sapporo’s children’s hall and community spaces for children to play. 

“As I went to cafes and festivals to ask for support directly during crowdfunding period, I would like to visit many places and host workshops,” Tonozaki said. She used 22 colors from 70 colors inspired by Sapporo’s landscape, and 48 colors are still left. There might be the second and third versions of SAPPOLOR in future. 

You can purchase SAPPOLOR via internet or “Dosanko Plaza” in Sapporo Station and “Nihoncha Nichigetsu” along Soseigawa River. The cards are perfect for not only occasions when friends and families gather, but also for a souvenir. Why don’t you purchase Sapporo landscape card game SAPPOLOR for your family? 


Major shops sell SAPPOLOR

- Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza
- Internet shop (colorlab)
- Nihoncha Nichigetsu


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  • Explore the city scenes of Sapporo with “SAPPOLOR”, the card game inspired by Sapporo’s landscape