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Let’s enjoy the barbecue at freezing outside! “Mid-winter Barbecue Festival” in Kitami


Kitami does not apply the rule; barbecue should be held in summer or autumn. There will be a unique festival “Mid-winter Barbecue Festival” held in Kitami on February 3, when the usual temperature is below zero degrees. It’s freezing but delicious and fun!


Taste the Yakiniku barbecue in Kitami at below zero degrees

Locals in Kitami loves Yakiniku barbecue. The strongest hypothesis of the reason is that there used to be a slaughterhouse behind Kitami Station and it was easy to get fresh meat. Staffs who worked at the slaughterhouse cooked fresh innards stew, which evolved to “Motsu hot pot” which is an innards and vegetable stew made in a big pot to enjoy with friends. 

北見厳寒の焼き肉まつりの会場風景▲Even outside is freezing, if there is a shichrin charcoal stove, they eat Yakiniku barbecue! 

For people in Kitami, seasons do not matter to have Yakiniku barbecue. “Mid-winter Barbecue Festival” is held outside in February, which is the coldest time in Kitami. 

北見厳寒の焼き肉まつりの会場風景▲They are not doing a penalty game! This is a fun event held for only one day every year. 

To tell the truth, during the day is already cold. It gets freezing after the sunset; some may feel pain from coldness. But Yakiniku barbecue is so good! The event is held every year, and not only the number of Kitami citizens and people from the neighborhood but also the number of visitors from outside of Hokkaido who wants to try Yakiniku barbecue in the cold air has increased gradually. 
And the beer to drink at below zero degrees must be this! The seasonally and regionally limitedly sold “Sapporo Classic Beer Hokkaido Winter Festival Can”. There are illustrations of nine different winter festivals in Hokkaido. Of course, “Mid-winter Barbecue Festival” is printed, too! 
サッポロクラシック北海道冬のまつり缶▲Sapporo Classic Beer Hokkaido Winter Festival Can. Do you want to take this home as a memorial or souvenir? 

You may not be able to drink beer at under zero degrees, but it is very delicious. The air is pretty dry at night when the temperature is low. Therefore, Sapporo Classic matches perfectly with hot Yakiniku barbecue. 
Advance tickets are on sale now. The ticket is limited to only 1,700 people, so better be quick! Those who are planning to travel Okhotsk area, prepare for coldness and participate in this unique festival! Eating Yakiniku barbecue and drinking beer is the experience available only at here! 


Kitami Mid-winter Barbecue Festival

Date: February 3 2017 (Friday) 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM (Door opens at 5:00 PM)
Venue: Parking lots of the Kitami Art &Cultural Hall (Izumi-cho 1-chome, Kitami)
Price: Advance entrance ticket 2,000 yen (Limited to 1,700 people)
[Entrance ticket includes]
- 100 grams of each pork innards, beef diaphragm, pork shoulder, Kitami onion, unlimited drinks of Shochu alcohol and soft drinks (oolong tea and orange juice)
- The set of Shichirin, charcoal, chopsticks, plates, sauce, etc., will be prepared
- Come with warm clothes!
- Additional meat, beer, rice ball, etc., able for purchase at food strolls.
Tickets available at: Kitami Chamber of Commerce, Nissenren NiCC, Kitami City Hall Tourism Promotion Division, Minto Hiroba, and Kitami Sightseeing Association
* Those of who wish to purchase from outside of Kitami, tickets are available for online purchase:
Contact: Kitami Sightseeing Association
TEL 0157-32-9900
Website http://www.kitamikanko.jp/en/index.html


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