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Release | Takako Chiba

Takinoue Park in Yubari has beautiful autumn colors!


“Takinoue Park” in Yubari City is 1 hour 15 minutes to 20 minutes drive from Sapporo. This is a right distance for driving. You can see awesome autumn colors here in this season. Why don’t you see beautiful red, yellow, green leaves on the clear blue autumn sky!


Autumn leaves color the mountains of Yubari

You can use an expressway when you drive from Sapporo, but take National Route 274 via Kita-Hiroshima if you want to enjoy driving itself. Pass Yuni and turn left at Kawabata Station. From there, the road runs along Yubari River and watch! The wonderful colors appear to right and left! 


The color is too beautiful that you can’t resist moving your neck right and left, but focus on driving if you are a driver. Not only the cars but there are motorcycles and bikes, too, so pay the maximum attention when you drive.


Enjoy the autumn colors as walking in Takinoue Park

Takinoue Park is called “Ponsoukamuikotan” in Ainu. It means “the place where god in the north lives, small waterfall”. 


The valley created by Yubari River taking a long period shows off the power of nature with strangely shaped rocks and big, small waterfalls. Takinoue Park has attractions in each season, but especially, the autumn color is the best! The Japanese saying “autumn color like a fire” is describing leaves like this. 


夕張滝の上公園の紅葉▲It is beautiful to see from above, but…

夕張滝の上公園の紅葉▲You also can see from the bottom if you walk down the promenade. This is a beautiful view as well. 

There is a developed promenade, so you enjoy the colors as you take a nice slow walk. Green, yellow, marble, orange, and bright red. No leaves are the same color. I use glasses usually, but as I kept seeing the leaves, I felt like I did not need glasses to see this bright colors. Is natural color good for my eyes? 



夕張滝の上公園の紅葉▲Green, yellow, orange, and red. Extremely colorful!


The parking of Takinoue Park is free of charge. Sometimes, local products are sold near the parking. The best time to view the autumn color is usually from early October. The colors may turn earlier or later depending on the weather, but find the best timing and enjoy the autumn color. 
  • Takinoue Park in Yubari has beautiful autumn colors!

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Takako Chiba